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Elizabeth on Girl on Fire Podcast with Kirsten Franklin

Hello Best Ever You Community!

I recently had the honor of being on Kirsten Franklin's Girl on Fire podcast to chat about The Best Ever You Network, our books and journals and more. The show is available on free replays here or wherever your listen to your podcasts:

Thanks for listening and sharing! I'm grateful!

Love, Elizabeth

Show Description and Recap:

“What would Betty White do?”

Have you ever had somebody question your big idea and tell you to “go get a real job?” Not everyone is going to love you and what you do, and that’s okay. You’re trying to do something outside of the box that people aren’t used to.

The award winning best selling author, Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino talks with Coach Kirsten about her journey from JOB to Mompreneur while working from home since the 90’s with four kids.

Listen now at and learn about having self worth, the gratitude flip, and making the best of your moments.

You should also grab your copy of Percolate and learn the 10 points of change or get the guided Journal, join the weekly live stream on their group and get on your way to a happy joy-filled life.

Here is the link to the book:

Here is the link to the journal:

Thank you Kirsten and to our community for listening to the podcast!

Thank you,

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Founder & CEO

Kirsten Franklin, Host of Girl on Fire Podcast


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