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Mark Littell - On the Eighth Day, God Made Baseball

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It was such a joy to have former professional baseball player, Mark Littell on The Best Ever You Show! You can listen and share on the show via this free replay link:

Mark is the author of On the Eighth Day, God Made Baseball. Major League Baseball has had its share of characters. Mark Littell is a one-of-a-kind, mold-breaking country boy from the Bootheel of Missouri. In this book, Mark takes you through his wild and wooly career as a baseball player, from his very first at-bat when he was six years old, through his career in the Major Leagues. This collection of unbelievable tales will have you on the floor laughing, as Mark’s Southern twang and quick wit show you a side of baseball you’ve never seen before. Read on to discover what the most common baseball term is, how a country boy from Missouri made it from the farm to the major league pitching mound, and why the city of Cleveland won’t let Mark back

Elizabeth's Note: Every once in a while, a book comes along that soothes your soul. I'm near certain that when Mark Littell wrote this book, he wasn't thinking a baseball mom and self-help author would wind up being his biggest fan! Yet, here I am, sleeves rolled up, getting more life lessons I must have needed to hear and lessons I will share with others. This book isn't just about baseball, it's about never giving up, pushing through and past adversity and taking a look back at it all and mentoring others. Mark has left clues for those ready to listen about how to do things the best you can that aren't about talent. Things like showing up early, respect, respecting the process and more. These are things that apply to everything - not just baseball or professional sports. Thank you for taking the time to write this book from your heart and voice. I hope everyone reads it and listens and learns. Click to Order.

More About Mark Littell:

Mark Littell is a former professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues for the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals. He was born in Cape Girardeau but grew up in the lower Bootheel of Missouri where he started honing his baseball skills at an early age. Mark was signed by the Royals in 1971 and was on a personal fast track when he made his debut on June 14th, 1973 in Baltimore. In 1978 he was traded to the Cardinals where he finished out his career in 1982.

After leaving the MLB and down the line, Mark served as coach in-residence for Australia’s Bicentennial in 1988. He would spend three more seasons “down under.” He then became a minor league pitching coach with San Diego, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and the Dodgers covering a span of 18 years. He played winter ball in Puerto Rico, coached and played in Dominican Republic, and was the speaker on the pitching phase for the Panamanian Baseball Federation.

Mark is also the inventor of the Nutty Buddy, a protective cup that won top honors from the Industrial Design Society of America. Mark remains active in the game with several club and two collegiate teams in Phoenix. He is a motivational speaker and is constantly working with players to move forward to that next level. In 2016, Mark was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Sanna.


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