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Portraits for Good - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 26

PORTRAITS FOR GOOD is platform for artists to create custom art under the same overarching charitable mission: With each purchase made, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the nonprofit organization of your choice (which is why we are for good!).

With Mother’s Day around the corner, PORTRAITS FOR GOOD

is offering a 20% discount on artwork by Alix Greenberg using code MAMA17 at checkout.

The ease of online shopping coupled with the boutique nature of PORTRAITS FOR GOOD and the charitable component, makes this a gift worth giving.

PORTRAITS FOR GOOD just partnered with online framing venture Frameology giving customers an option to purchase a quality wood custom frame at checkout.

Alix Greenberg was born and raised in New York City, beginning her artistic career in finger painting class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the young age of 4. She went to Horace Mann and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University in 2009 with a focus on painting and portraiture. She holds a Master's degree in History of Art and the Art Market. Greenberg began her professional career at Christie's and has held positions working for artist Peter Tunney, at Skarstedt Gallery, and for the American Friends of the Israel Museum in development. Inspired by the culture of giving back and having devoted her professional and academic life immersed in the fine art world, she created this website as a forum for artists to make art and simultaneously do good. Greenberg's artwork has been featured in publications including the 'Sconset Limited and the Horace Mann Review.

PORTRAITS FOR GOOD represents the following artists Alix Greenberg, Melissa Brice, Denton Burrows, Joey Feldman, Harley Langberg, and Mike Natter. PORTRAITS FOR GOOD’s charity partners include ASPCA, American Cancer Society, Planned Parenthood, and JDRF, and many more.


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