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Yookidoo's Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Elizabeth's Note: I'm proud to issue my Elizabeth's Best award to Yookidoo's Spin 'N' Sort Sprout Pro! This is a great bathtub toy for kids! This bathtub toy stays put where you place it and is clever. It kept out testers engaged and learning. I love toys that have spinning motion or gears for kids, especially when combined with water as it teaches science at a very early age. This toy helps makes bathtime fun instead of stressful for kids! I would recommend that any child using this be able to sit up fully on their own and/or stand, as our tests tried to stand up in the tub to use it too.

It features a battery operated bath spout that easily attaches and draws water from the tub creating an endless stream without wasting water or worrying about hot water burns from the bath tap. It has more than 10 different water activities that will surely engage your child! There are three interchangeable tumblers each with a different sprouting action so there are a variety of ways to play and experiment with water and spinning gear. This is for ages 9-36 months.

Developmental Benefits:

Offers a variety of ways to play and learn through water play:

  • Teaches the basic properties of physics.

  • Promotes sensory development.

  • Spinning sorter teaches how gears work and that spinning one will spin the next.

  • Hones thinking skills and problem solving.

  • Develops fine motor skills, accuracy and hand-eye coordination.

  • Introduces baby to put & take play, colors, shapes, sorting and more

About Yokidoo:

Yookidoo celebrates the importance of discovery by introducing an entirely new approach to play and learning through stimulating, interactive and highly innovative products.

The brand stems from the design studio repeatedly credited for launching development toys never seen before that with their launch, created new product categories and became instant best sellers worldwide.

Yookidoo’s baby toys are all about fun, entertainment, exploration and discovery.

Our line of bath toys, launched over a decade ago, was so revolutionary that it would forever change the bath toy category.

In the years since, our products have taken us far beyond anything we ever imagined.

They’ve taken us to more than 50 countries around the globe, to millions of happy parents and millions of cheerful babies, celebrating discovery™ and celebrating bathtime™ and over and over again.

Winner of a Parents Best Toy Award for 2015 and The Bump’s Best of Baby Award for 2016, international toy company, Yookidoo, creates of award-winning bath toys; on the go products; gyms & play mats; tummy time, crib, crawling, and activity toys; and rattles designed to engage the senses, stimulate the mind and body, and foster baby's continuing growth.

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