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How to Be Your Best Online - SEO & Website Tips for Your Brand or Business

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Spencer Capron

I started building my online presence for myself and The Best Ever You Network in 2007. I began by writing a series of articles were posted in The Portland Press Herald and it has grown from there. The Best Ever You Network was born in 2008 with a small website which quickly reached a million unique visitors. As I began to learn more about websites, one thing I failed to do was understand that when I upgraded to a new website provided, all of my analytics would disappear. As we grew and did another website platform update, I also failed to see the company coming that would try and steal my online business and make it theirs. I've learned a lot over the years. So much so that back in 2012, due to total frustration with technology, people at these companies, website design & editing process and more, I sat down and started to teach myself how to do my own website, email list, social media and SEO. I realized I was pretty ok at it and did enough to hold my own. Fast forward to 2023, with the rapid pace of technology changing, I found myself bogged down and feeling like I was in over my head a bit as things changed with the SEO, analytics, technology. I really wanted something more professional and began searching for someone to assist me.

I started poking my nose around here and there, but was met with a barrage of emails, DMs, and it was just too much. With the flood of emails telling me what I needed to do with my website, email newsletters, and social media, I was hesitant to hire anyone due to lack of trust and high costs. This made me retreat and go back to doing things on my own. All that changed in late 2023. I’m so relieved I found Capron Media. Spencer Capron not only listened, but also provided effective strategies, helping me move forward in exciting new directions. Finally, I found the best SEO and website agency for my business!

Today, I am pleased to announce that The Best Ever You Network has partnered with Capron Media, a to help grow and position us more effectively. Founder Spencer Capron and I are working together to develop a strategy for the remainder of 2023 - 2024 to increase search engine traffic, improve user experience, and increase value to you in multiple sectors of The Best Ever You Network. Our model for Best Ever You is three-prong: Attract, Engage, and Delight. We will also work together to build a suite of online courses. Members of The Best Ever You Network are encouraged to reach out to Capron Media for your own website and SEO needs. The team specializes in designing, developing, and growing websites with WIX and other platforms. Spencer and I both believe that to be your best online and build your online presence, you need these three things.

1) Know Your SEO Spencer Capron says to always optimize your page and blog post titles, meta descriptions, user experience, and content for what you want to rank for. When users are happy and engaging with your website, search engines are happy too. 2) Be Open to Change, Ask for Help, Trust You've got to believe and let go. It's really hard to trust someone else with your brand, business, and well, your baby! The time comes when you need to ask for help and receive it. As I said in The Change Guidebook "Ask for help when you need it and allow people to help you!" That said, you know in your heart, when the advice is right, so pay close attention to your intuition and if needed, for something like a website or SEO, consider checking a few references or ask people you know for a referral, such as this post. Do your homework!

3) Get an Analysis Definitely get another set of eyes of your brand, including your website, your newsletters, email blasts, social media and more. People fill in your gaps and see things you don't necessarily see because you are so used to looking at it. Get your assessment from someone like Spencer, who asks you what you want to do and shows you how to get there, instead of telling you what to do!

Capron Media Can Help! Best Ever You has also partnered to give you a free introductory assessment to discuss your needs and 20% off your first 6 months of SEO services from Capron Media. Just mention this announcement. Do you need to be your best online? Are you feeling unsure about who to rely on for your website, email list, social media, and all that tech stuff? Spencer, the owner of Capron Media, listens to where you want to be, shows you where you are, and suggests solutions to get there. About Us: Capron Media was founded in 2020 by Spencer Capron to help small business owners bring their business online and thrive. They provide high value websites and SEO packages at an affordable price. The Best Ever You Network was founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and provides professional and personal development to individuals and organizations around the world. We’re dedicated to your success.


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