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How to Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Everything we do cultivates and creates our amazing life. Sometimes we need to make changes, small and huge, to create our best life and be our best in each moment. So just how do your fall in love with your life?

Do you need a change or transformation? Maybe you need a complete overhaul for the way you are doing life right now. Whatever the case, I'm right here, meeting you in this moment where you want to change something in your life. Most of us oscillate between our current situation, which is familiar, and that great fear of the unknown and the consequences of making change. When we don't take the leap, we might get stuck. You may have an inkling that something needs to change or maybe you already know and are even very specific with the change you are making. Whatever it is and wherever you are, I'm here for you to help you navigate and manage change in your life to help you be your best most successful self in each moment of your life.

Here are five easy and manageable actions you can implement to make those changes to your life. These will help you navigate and manage change with ease and find the success you crave and the results you desire.

1. Root in Gratitude

We are presented with a choice of how to be in each moment. May gratitude guide you. Gratitude can be just simply for the breath you take in each moment. It can be a short list you make of things that bring you joy, comfort, and peace. Create a gratitude practice for yourself.

Whatever the situation brings, Gratitude gives us perspective and helps us through situations with heightened awareness and perhaps better resilience. For example, when you are struggling to be positive, it is important to find even the smallest or slightest hope, light, faith, positive outlook and more.

To create a culture of gratitude within start with this exercise:

Ask yourself: Is there something in my life that is creating stress or joy?

List one thing you are grateful for in this moment.

This small practice will begin the shift to create gratitude within, as your gratitude list will build and that will expand your ability to be grateful. There's nothing better than gratitude on autopilot. Conducting yourself from an approach of gratefulness and abundance is most surely better for you and everyone who is in contact with you.

It's easy to get caught up in life's dramas and negativity, however, I have a tool to turn those frowns upside down and create more positive energy and more happiness in your life. It's called The Gratitude Flip. To best use and practice the Gratitude Flip, when you think a negative thought, try to see the positive side in the situation and reframe it. Even if there appears to be little to no hope. Find something to be thankful for and focus on that. Reframe it. If you no longer want to have that negative commotion, drama or funky energy, change the landscape of your life with the Gratitude Flip. Dwell on a positive thought.

2. Focus on Maintaining Your Values

Mindfulness of your time, energy, and values is key. We don’t get to redo moments, so staying true to our values as we make some new choices and new pathways helps give us a secure foundation.

I have six go-to questions that will help you properly assess the situation and guide you to make the best choices possible in accordance with the change(s).

1. Is this in line with the essence of who I am?

2. Does this celebrate my unique gifts and talents?

3. Do I take responsibility for my emotions, actions, and behavior?

4. How does this impact others around me and the world as a whole?

5. Does this moment or action contribute to my longevity and health?

6. Is my mind at peace and my spirit content?

When you use these six questions, you open the pathways to change.

3. Focus on Small, Compounding Actions.

It’s time to look at your habits and make some small changes. It’s time to stop wishing for it and start working for it. However, you don’t have to make every change all at once and overwhelm yourself. Change is easier and sticks when you do things in smaller bites. Follow your direction within you and create a process that involves smaller bites of action with consistency, determination and follow through.

I love the 30-60-90 process that I promote on Best Ever You and use with my clients. This helps you make a change and hold it for 30 days. Continuing on with that change after 30 days, you introduce another change. By the end of 60 days, you will have two small changes working with you. Do the same thing for the next month holding the two previous changes and introducing one more. By the end of 90 days, you’ve made small changes that ripple across the various areas of your life to create a transformation!

For example, I helped a client change her health. In the first 30 days, she eliminated caffeine and drank only water and green tea. At the 60-day mark, she added 1 cup of vegetables to her diet. At the 90-day mark she began walking 1 mile each day, rain or shine. By the end of 90 days, she had lost 12 pounds and had made significant changes to her health that didn’t feel overwhelming.

Small changes can have big results! Be consistent and determined.

4. Get Aligned

Align your Heart, Truths, and Energy. When you think with your heart, live and show up authentically, and understand that you go where you place your energy, and these things align: anything is possible. You can do anything. In each and every moment you have an opportunity to be your best. The responsibility for how that plays out rests within you and how you choose to bring it from within to external action.

When you lose your way, it is important to forgive yourself and your imperfections and function from your heart, our authenticity and value and gratitude-based actions.

Change is always happening and change can be scary, but less so when you have tools and resources in your best life toolbox that help you maintain who you really are in the face of change.

Remember that sometimes you must ramble, wander, explore, talk, connect, share, trust and more to get to your point, mission, authentic self or whatever it is you seek. Do the work and really go through the discovery process to create that alignment for yourself.

When you anchor in your power and root in gratitude, you create a foundation where you know things for certain about yourself. I call them constants. These allow you to stop second, third and fourth guessing yourself.

5. Trust Yourself

That brings me to my last point, which is to trust yourself and anchor in your power. Wake up grateful each day and go to sleep grateful at night, as you are unique and powerful when you trust yourself. When you discover the power of you, you allow the energy to clear to become the best version of yourself in each moment.

When you feel personally and professionally empowered, you experience growth. You can look at change in a forward direction with perception, wisdom, and maturity. Your success has deep roots in growth.

When your heart, soul, mind and surface speak to you, in whispers or shouts or regular voices, are you listening? Are you giving your wisdom credibility?

Each moment matters. Become your best. Fall in love with your life.

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

As the CEO and founder, guiding spirit and energy behind the Best Ever You brand, Elizabeth brings audiences together with the encouragement and inspiration. As a master life coach, she understands firsthand the challenges of life, work, family, change and struggle can bring and has worked with people worldwide to illuminate their light within and help them uncover their best life and a better way forward.

Elizabeth is the host of the long-standing podcast, The Best Ever You Show, which has millions of listeners and downloads. She is a bestselling author of multiple books in the children’s book genres and in the self-help category, including the bestselling and award-winning books PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through and The Change Guidebook. Elizabeth’s gratitude-based belief systems and behavior have helped people to transform their lives by using her unique blend of humility and world class excellence as a guide. Elizabeth's new book, The Success Guidebook, is now available for pre-order wherever books are sold.


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