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1Thrive - Wall Organizer - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 22

We are proud to issue our Best Ever You Gold Seal of Excellence to 1Thrive Wall Organizers.

We received The Susan Wall Organizer and The Brooke Wall Organizer to test. The company has multiple styles and selections to choose from.

"This is a professional, quality product that is a stunning and detailed visual reminder. Easy to assemble and easy to put on the wall." - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CEO of The Best Ever You Network.

The Brooke Wall Organizer

Wall organizer Brooke is an organizational dynamo and can answer every “Where is?” or “What is?” question at home with a nod at this 1Thrive Command Center. Keeping everything from your schedule to your car keys in check is what Brooke does best. If it’s not on the to-do list, it’s not needed.

The Susan Wall Organizer

The Susan office wall organizer likes to check all boxes with a list-friendly format that can accommodate appointment scheduling, reminders, goals for the month ahead, and more. If you’re not a fan of all the papers on the counter The Susan is the 1THRIVE Command Center for you, offering just the right space to stash them to look at later.

Both use 1Write.

*WHAT IS 1WRITE? 1WRITE is not a dry erase or chalk board. All 1WRITE Boards come in a premium matte finish, designed to be used with our 1WRITE Liquid Chalk Markers for a vibrant, smudge proof yet easy to erase experience.

*WHICH MARKERS CAN I USE WITH 1WRITE BOARDS? Our 1WRITE 1-For-All Liquid Chalk Markers can be used on ALL 1WRITE board surfaces, including all white 1WRITE boards, black 1WRITE boards, mirrors and the magnetic 1WRITE header of your base.

If you don't want to put this on a wall, they do have over the door brackets as well for their vertical boards. RECOMMENDED WITH:

  • All Vertical 1THRIVE Command Centers, including:

  • The Henry, The Taylor & The Rachel


  • All Wide 1THRIVE Command Centers, including:

  • The Sarah, The Brooke, The Susan, The Casey, The Megan & The Ashley


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