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Alternative Therapy Provider Changes the Way Acute Injuries and Chronic Pain are Treated

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 21% of the adult population in the country has chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting more than three months. It is closely linked to depression, suicide, substance abuse, dementia, and more. The standard route to treating chronic pain for millions is simply to address the symptoms, often with prescription opioids, however, this does not address the cause. One alternative health practitioner is changing the way serious injuries and chronic pain are treated.

“Traditional medicine puts a bandage over the issue, making people feel slightly better for the short term, but in the long run, people experience more pain and suffering,” explains Holden Zalma, founder of MetaTouch Body Balance and creator of the MyoAlign technique. “I take a different approach which heals people, brings about long term relief, happiness, and improves quality of life.”

Zalma created the MyoAlign technique as an alternative treatment option for people suffering from persistent pain and acute injuries. He grew tired of seeing clients receive unneeded surgeries and treatments that often caused more damage than relief. He knew that if he could develop a new manual therapy technique that treats the underlying cause of pain, he would be able to bring healing to countless people in record time.

Working in the alternative health field for 30 years, Zalma has helped hundreds of thousands of people with his holistic bodywork approach to manual therapy including celebrities and business moguls that travel from all over the world to experience his touch. The technique focuses on locating fascial restrictions and correcting them, which brings balance back to the body. Once the body has been brought back into balance, pain is reduced, and mobility is restored.

“Before resorting to surgery, please consider the MetaTouch alternative,” adds Zalma. “The MyoAlign technique takes a whole-body approach to massage therapy by combining a variety of different modalities, all focused on addressing the core issues. Most people have experienced relief after just one session!”

Zalma is a holistic health practitioner, licensed massage therapist, and bodyworker. He began his career as an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Southern California. He worked with high performing college athletes, helping to keep them pain and injury free. After leaving USC, he knew he needed to change the way acute and chronic pain is treated. Thus, he set out on a mission that has evolved into helping tens of thousands of people with the MyoAlign technique at MetaTouch Body Balance.

MetaTouch Body Balance creates lasting positive change in clients with acute injuries and chronic pain. The MyoAlign technique often brings relief within three to five treatment sessions. It’s a step by step process from head to toe, meant to help those with acute injuries and chronic pain in the neck, hip, shoulder or back. To learn more about the technique, visit:


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