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Connecting with College Coaches

We all know that great athlete who should have received an athletic scholarship to play in college but did not. The truth is that many athletes, parents and coaches buy into a very real and false leading myth: “If my kid is good enough the college coaches will find him/her.”

The video above gives one example of a real athlete and how a myth hurt his recruiting.

Parents, athletes and coaches must not buy into this myth. The NCAA controls the number of evaluation days a college coach can be out in the field looking at prospects. The NCAA limits the number of scholarships for each sport and each division. The NCAA dictates the times in which college coaches can contact high school athletes for recruiting.

In fact, the NCAA governs all aspects of the recruiting process, and 99 percent of the parents and high school and travel/club coaches do not understand the reality of how the recruiting world works. This lack of knowledge and failure to seek guidance from a real, reputable and experienced college scout can prove to be devastating when a standout athlete doesn’t receive the scholarship offer anticipated and deserved.

The truth is that recruiting will be and always has been a relationship-driven process. National Scouting Report is the one scouting and recruiting organization that holds the relationships needed to help athletes receive the opportunities they deserve. Are you good enough to play in college? Is your child good enough to play in college? NSR will provide that unbiased evaluation so you can know for certain.


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