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Crepe Erase - Gold Seal of Excellence in Beauty

We are proud to issue our Gold Seal of Excellence to Crepe Erase. There isn't a product they have that we don't love. All work.

Every product we've tested and use has proven to be age defying. Best Ever You founder, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino has used the products since age 46 and her mom, Carolyn Hamilton has used the products since age 70.

Elizabeth says, "I am always in search of a product for my face that feels like a thick moisturizer for my dry skin. If I apply the the wrong thing, it gives me acne. This, for years, has been my go-to morning and night moisturizer for my face. Other people apply it to their legs, arms, knees and so forth, and I completely cover my face and neck with it as well." I swear by it.


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