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GrindReliefN - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 25

It's quite a moment of concern when the dentist looks at you and asks, "Do you grind your teeth?" This happened to me recently and my response was, "I don't know, do I?"

The dentist replied,"Yes, you do -badly- and I need to make you a mouthguard."

Quickly I was thrown into a realm of not being in control of something I'm doing while I am sleeping and the issue came with a somewhat pricey solution for something to help me not completely wreck my teeth. This also recently happened to my son. I opted for the pricey mouthguard, unaware this product existed. Now aware this product exists, my 21 year-old son opted for GrindReliefN and he's been having great success with the product. Follow up visits to the dentist say so!! I've also tried both and both work great with the less expensive option _ GrindReliefN working just as well, if not better than the pricey dentist-made mouthguard.

So, if you clench or grind your teeth at night, you are not alone. Dentist, Dr. Joe Pelerin also suffered from teeth grinding, (medically known as bruxism) and after many years of suffering from migraines, jaw and neck pain, he invented GrindReliefN, a dental guard that protects you from clenching, grinding and other related side effects.

Patented and FDA approved, GrindReliefN is a life-changing dental tool that has given many alleviation and the support needed to help protect their teeth. Kids and adults from the ages of 6 to 60 have been commonly known to suffer from bruxism, but cease to correct the problem because of the hundreds of dollars it cost to see a professional dentist. Now, with Dr. Pelerin’s innovative dental guard, you can purchase GrindReliefN at an affordable over-the-counter price.

How it works:

GrindReliefN has a unique design with a central power bar that focuses the biting force on the upper and lower midline of the jaw. It creates a nerve reflex that stops muscle activity by 60% or more and successfully prevents teeth damage and reduces pain.

Avoid medications and costly trips to the dentist. With GrindReliefN, you can enjoy a pain-free life. Check out some of its awesome features:

  • Eliminates pain from clenching and grinding

  • Smaller and more comfortable than the other devices on the market

  • Can be remolded as many times as needed

  • Can be used on upper and lower teeth

  • Features portable storage case

  • Unique central power bar can reduce grinding forces 60% or more

  • 3 Year Wear Guarantee

Recently, GrindReliefN has been distributed through, Cardinal Health the largest distributor of products into independent pharmacies and a huge leader in the healthcare industry.

Available for $37.99, GrindReliefN can be purchased on Amazon,,,, and Kinney Drugs.

ABOUT GrindReliefN

Like so many others, dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Joe Pelerin suffered from clenching and grinding his teeth at night, which caused him to wake up with headaches in the morning and experience agonizing pain in his jaw and neck. After trying the typical horseshoe devices that dentists usually recommend, he still did not find the relief he was looking for. While treating his patients he started to design his own device, which was much smaller but used the science to solve the problem instead of just plastic between the teeth. Dr. Pelerin’s patients reported seeing amazing results from his device such as reduction in pain and absence of migraines. This prompted Dr. Joe to keep designing and pursuing his product to where it is today. After selling online for a few years, GrindReliefN has finally broken into some retail markets and are one of the only dental guards to be accepted by Cardinal Health.

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