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First Honey - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 22

We are proud to issue our Best Ever You Gold Seal of Excellence to First Honey

"We received multiple First Honey products to test and highly recommend all. Perfect for all ages. These feel like the most healing products you can buy." Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CEO of The Best Ever You Network

From the buzzing bee hives of New Zealand's Manuka forests to your medicine cabinet comes a new way to treat your scrapes and cuts!

First Honey is a pioneering first aid brand created by a mother of three in search of a safe, antibiotic-free solution to her family’s small hurts. As a child growing up in NZ, whenever she suffered a sunburn or scrape she’d hear “Have you put some honey on it?”

Now she’s helping families around the world put a little honey on it with First Honey’s unique line of Manuka honey-infused healing products. This special honey is made from nectar gathered from medicinal Manuka trees and has been scientifically researched and shown to support wound healing and protection from infection.

The First Honey family of essentials are stocked in over 10,000 retail doors nationwide including Walmart, Sprouts and Walgreens, and includes:

Manuka Bandages

  • Infused with a layer of medical grade Manuka honey

  • Promotes faster, better healing and infection protection

  • Mess-free

  • Crafted with skin-friendly adhesive for gentle application and removal

Manuka Honey Ointment

  • Soothes and helps heal minor cuts and burns

  • Provides long-lasting infection protection

  • Reduces heat, itchiness, and pain

  • Creates a moist, low pH environment to help with new tissue formation

Manuka Honey Cream

  • Soothes and moisturizes dry irritated skin

  • Helps mend and nourish skin

  • Absorbs quickly

  • Creates a protective barrier from environmental factors

Prices start at $5.96 - Learn more at

And available on Amazon!


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