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I Love My Desk Calendar

Are you a pen-and-paper-lover like me? I love my desk calendar. I love writing on it with colored pens, making check lists, crossing items off, adding hearts and doodles in the corners.

This year's calendar is extra special to me. It was a gift from a friend and it's covered in flowers, hearts and snazzy designs. Each month has a different theme and it's so pretty. I think of Melanie frequently when I use it and that makes me smile too.

Of course, I'm using google, phone notifications, all my devices have online calendars and links for my schedules and To-Do lists. But I'm drawn daily to my written one. There is something satisfying about writing my week out and seeing my goals, accomplishments, and plans in ink.

I know my mom kept one for our family- always- to organize life with 4 kids! And the tradition continues. My sisters both keep large calendars, too. And I smile how alike we are in the keeping of the calendar.

On the 1st of the month, I'm determined to use a color code, my best printing and keep it neat and tidy. As the month goes on, my daily date boxes get filled up with the chaos of my busy life- it's January 14th today and my calendar is a mess already. I've gone outside of some of the boxes, lost the pretty pens, used crayon and marker haphazardly. It's still effective, but I smile at the busy, beautiful thing.

I'll always keep a desk calendar. What about you?

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