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Journals Changed My Life

I write about a lot of stuff, daily. Sometimes little sentences, sometimes huge entries. I use notebooks, writing prompts, feelings, and check lists. HERE is why I think they are so important:

In looking back on my 2020, sometimes I think, 'Did I do enough? Did I really try to help Ben? Did I care enough? Was I even positive or joyful?... and so many more questions of doubt..

Looking back at my blog, my journal at the time, I am pleasantly surprised- sometimes even astonished- by how much light and hope and joy we had. It reminds me of who I was during that time. Of how much sparkle I had while nursing and loving Ben during cancer. And how much we truly, truly hoped.. and believed.. that a different result would be in our favour.

Reading back reminds me of my truth. And sometimes, I really need it.

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