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Life with the Zoom Lens On - Let's Focus on Creativity

Welcome to my new blog, Life with the Zoom Lens On. Thank you for being here with me. We're still percolating and letting our best self filter through and being our best ever you, of course, but let's take it another step.

What's your focus for today?

My goal with this new blog is to help us make one thing, thought, idea, value, belief, etc…. the focus point.

Consider doing something like this today:

Do something you either have always wanted to do but need to learn how to do it. In other words, start doing or learning something.


Do something you love to do, but you know you aren't great at. For example, see this drawing posted with this. Now, I know I'm no illustrator.... but I love to doodle and so I do. Sometimes I share them like this and other times, I keep them just in my own files for my own fun.


Take some additional time to do something you feel like you never have time for. Many are commenting they are slowed down so much from being inside that they are realizing they have time for this or that. Yes! Write that book! Paint that picture! Rearrange that room. Whatever it is, take those moments to focus.

Perhaps you're like me and read this and want to do all three :)

Just a reminder with this, to enjoy your moments and get creative with them!



About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino is one of America's most trusted mindset, leadership and personal & corporate development consultants. As the Founder and CEO of Best Ever You and Compliance4, Elizabeth has helped thousands around the globe be their best and achieve world-class excellence.

Elizabeth is the Chief Executive Officer of Compliance4 and creator of The Best Ever You Network. Elizabeth is the author of the best-selling, award-winning, personal development book PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House) and multiple children’s books as a contributor and author. Elizabeth and her husband, Peter R. Guarino and four sons live in Maine.

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram here: @ElizabethHamiltonGuarino


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