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Life with the Zoom Lens On - Let's Focus on Love

Welcome to my new blog, Life with the Zoom Lens On. Thank you for being here with me. We're still percolating and letting our best self filter through and being our best ever you, of course, but let's take it another step.My goal with this new blog is to help us make one thing, thought, idea, value, belief, etc…. the focus point.

What's your focus for today?

I've been loving posts in social media where people are focusing on what and who they love - even if it means getting back in touch.

Pushing through or past fear and into the area of focusing on what we love to do or getting more time to spend with loved ones and cherishing the time, is a very healthy way of adjusting to our lives with this virus.

For us, we have loved having our boys home with us. It's not ideal for them, in so many ways, we completely understand. They are each over 18 - 24 and were starting lives of their own. It's like a reset button applied for everything they were doing. One has a college baseball season disrupted. Another has a freshman year of college that ended up all online and his fraternity pledging process all changed. Our oldest boys are doing graduate school online or working from home in makeshift room/office. Yet, we're making the most of it all with trying to stay healthy, doing our online classes, taking walks, eating dinner together and it has been wonderful family time.

I've hear from many in our group chat about feeling closer to spouses, having amazing time with their children, and many taking as much of a positive stance as possible with the pause.

Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, put your feet up or take a walk, and let your heart’s desire surface as we talk about what we love, who we love, where we love to be, why we love what we love and so on. Let's get to the heart of what matters the most to us.


Again, today we ask: How are you? Are you pushing through? Are you living in fear or anxiety? Are you stressed? Are you happy? Sad? How are you?

Have you paused today to focus on love?

What do you love?

Who do you love?

What do you love to do with your time and energy?

Pick one or two things you love to do or relationships you'd love to make better and think about ways you can add love and energy to make them better.

Also, We have a new mindset and conversations group on Facebook and would like to invite you to join us:

Love, Elizabeth

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino is one of America's most trusted mindset, leadership and personal & corporate development consultants. As the Founder and CEO of Best Ever You and Compliance4, Elizabeth has helped thousands around the globe be their best and achieve world-class excellence. Elizabeth is the Chief Executive Officer of Compliance4 and creator of The Best Ever You Network. Elizabeth is the author of the best-selling, award-winning, personal development book PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House) and multiple children’s books as a contributor and author. Elizabeth and her husband, Peter R. Guarino and four sons live in Maine. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram here: @ElizabethHamiltonGuarino #BestEverYou


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