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MyBevi - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 21

We are proud to issue our Best Ever You Gold Seal of Excellence to My Bevi.

Our reviewers received two samples each and guess what? We loved them so much we all went to the website to shop for more to give as gifts. They have many colors and styles to choose from for people of all ages. Price right too and does hot/cold equally as well.

"Exceptional! I love how you can carry this and other things and it still remains the best product out there at keeping things hot/cold. Love the variety of styles and colors too! Great stocking stuffer or Holiday gift. My favorite one is the Hollywood Tumbler. This wasn't in the samples the company sent, however, I can see the colors and style on their website and it by far my favorite one." - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Founder/CEO The Best Ever You Network.

Elizabeth Recommends: The Hollywood Tumbler

MyBevi is your best friend this winter. What sets this brand apart from competitors is how easy it is to carry your phone, keys and a tumbler while on-the-go. The collection offers stainless steel tumblers for everyone that are made to endure all weather conditions and activities. Get your coffee fix for the day or quench that thirst with ice-cold water. Eco-conscious consumers will be glad to know that this small family business is doing its part to provide sustainable solutions for a healthier future for our planet.

Love this from their website!

Retail Resource Group was founded in 1998, as one of the first vendors in the travel drinkware industry. For the last 22 years we have remained focused on our vision to be leaders in our industry through our unique design innovations and our superior quality product offerings. We have enjoyed great mutual success by partnering with the largest retailers and private label brand customers in the USA and Canada with our wide patented assortment of hot and cold beverage tumblers and hydration bottles.

The MyBevi brand is made for true individuals, those who don't settle for undistinguished, off-the-shelf products. At MyBevi, our motto is "Drink Life to the Fullest". We make products that are as unique as you are, that will fit with your life and style, and go with you wherever life takes you, all the while reducing the waste of single use beverage containers. We craft exceptionally made products that are built to carry the beverages that make you, you. Whether you prefer a robust Italian coffee, a refreshing fruit fusion or good old H2O, MyBevi has a product companion to help you enjoy your favorite beverage in style, and at the perfect temperature.

We invite you to enjoy our assortment of premium MyBevi products.

Regards, Jeffrey T. Rohe President & CEO Retail Resource Group, LLC


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