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One-Hour Comfort - Winner - Gold Seal of Excellence

We are proud to issue our Best Ever You Seal of Excellence to the cookbook One-Hour Comfort.

We received cookbooks and tested some of the recipes and we totally agree that the recipes are quick, cozy and modern!

"This cookbook has a wonderful mix of recipes with wide appeal to all levels of cooking and tastes globally. Our favorite recipe in the book is definitely the chocolate cream pies in a jar!!" - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CEO of The Best Ever You Network.

Is there anything as satisfying as taking a seat and digging into your favorite comfort food? After all, Americans hold such a special place for feel-good foods and nostalgic childhood dishes that they would even name their kid after their favorite for a lifetime supply of it according to a Farm Rich survey. Thirty-five percent would name their kid "Pizza" for a lifetime supply of it, 28% would name their kid "Mozz Stick" and 27% "Ice Cream."

While preference of dish might vary, comfort food as a whole encompasses what makes cooking so wonderful. Like a portal to your happy place, it can evoke fond memories of childhood, bring friends and family together around a table, or serve as the perfect addition to a relaxing night in. The downside of cooking when comfort-food cravings strike? Sometimes we don't have time for the project of cooking our favorite comfort-food meals, causing us to cut corners, settle for less, or avoid the meal entirely.

The cookbook One-Hour Comfort offers up 170 favorite feel-good recipes that have been reengineered to be done in an hour (or less). There are a few recipes with cooling or chilling times that push them slightly over an hour–but we promise they're worth it (chocolate cream pies in a jar . . . DEFINITELY worth it!). The book includes helpful hacks that break down how to complete traditionally time-intensive recipes in under an hour. An example of the test cook’s quick (cooking) thinking? Their Hoisin Glazed Meatloaf. Traditional meatloaf takes a long time to bake because of its sheer size. The solution to getting meatloaf on the table in less than an hour is simple: shrink it down to individual-size portions.


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