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RAISING BIG DREAMS & Bringing Projects to Life

Every day at Raise a Dream, we meet coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, and entrepreneurs like you who have a big dream to raise or projects that need to be brought to life.

If you have a big dream, you can probably relate. The project keeps you up at night with new ideas, excitement, and a need to get the project going. You can lose time working on this project. In your heart, you know your venture will make a difference.


…You can’t seem to move out of idea mode and into implementation.

Sometimes this impasse occurs because you may not know the exact steps to take to get the project launched. Other times, it is because you may need support with the project, but you’re frustrated by a lack of funds or the necessary resources to put that support into place.

Here’s the good news! You may have untapped value you could offer potential corporate partners and brands who are in a position to sponsor your needs. Collaboration raises (and funds) dreams faster than doing it alone.

Just like you would love to collaborate with an aligned business or sponsor, there are sponsors (from small, local businesses to larger corporate brands) waiting for someone like you.

Sponsorship is a marketing relationship where businesses and brands collaborate with entrepreneurs, projects, events or causes to meet some of their marketing objectives through the collaboration. For example, you have attended events where sponsors are being recognized and acknowledge for their sponsorship towards the event. Finding sponsorship support could be your reality, too.

Over the years, I have also generated cash sponsorship for many projects and in-kind sponsorship for:

· Clothing

· Travel (hotel rooms, gas fill-ups, airline travel, motor home, meals)

· Printing

· Marketing materials

· Equipment

· Media

· Event venue

· Event refreshments

· And soooo much more

I always say, “Start close to home, with who you know and grow from there.”

That’s how I found brands and businesses to partner with, and it’s part of the method we teach at Raise a Dream because it works. What I love about sponsorship is that while the sponsor is helping you, they are benefitting from the relationship and collaboration component. Essentially, you are helping the sponsor while they are helping you.

We use a proven 7-step model when it comes to building relationships with brands and partners:

To learn more about the 7-step model and how sponsorship can support you and help you raise big dreams, download your free Sponsorship eBook here:

P.S. If you are serious about bringing sponsorship into your business model to raise your dreams, bring your projects to life and make a bigger difference in the world, check out the Sponsorship Essentials Program:


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