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Recipients of The Northeast 10 Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence

The Northeast-10 Conference is proud to announce the first-ever recipients of its Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence – an honor awarded to graduating senior student-athletes for their outstanding work in the classroom during their college careers.

The inaugural class of honorees for the Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence includes 226 remarkable student-athletes from the NE10's 14 member institutions and three of its associate members. Adelphi led all schools with 33 honorees, while Bentley finished second with 32.

"We are honored to recognize our inaugural class of recipients for the Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence," said NE10 Commissioner Julie Ruppert. "To sustain this high level of excellence in the classroom throughout their entire academic careers, while participating in team activities, is nothing short of remarkable. This group embodies the true meaning of the term 'student-athlete'."

For a full list of honorees by school, click HERE.

To be eligible for the Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence, a senior student-athlete must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a graduating NE10 student-athlete.

  • Must attain the Latin honor of Magna Cum Laude or better.

  • Must have participated in at least two seasons of NE10 competition and is a current student-athlete at the time of graduation.*

*The NE10 did not have a formal season of competition in the fall or winter of 2020-21 and therefore counted each season toward the minimum for each affected student-athlete.

Each award recipient will receive a commemorative NE10 medallion (pictured above) for their academic achievements.

"These student-athletes have mastered the skills of multi-taking, organization and preparation, as it relates to both their responsibilities in an academic and athletic setting" said Ruppert. "Having the ability to manage time, set goals and see them through until accomplished is what has made and will continue to make NE10 student-athletes successful following graduation."

The NCAA's Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence honors institutions who achieve an academic success rate (ASR) of 90-percent or higher. This past December, the NE10 had seven of its institutions earn this distinction – remarkably half of the league's entire membership!

Full List:

NE10 Presidents Award for Academic Excellence Recipients


Kevin Glasser Baseball

Nicholas Maricich Baseball

Matthew Gemma Men’s XC/T&F

Nicholas Maclean Men’s Golf

Michael Zito Men’s Lacrosse

Paolo Marciano Men’s Soccer

Joseph Thomann Men’s Soccer

Giancarlo Vacca Men’s Soccer

Jason Rosen Men’s Swimming & Diving

Gabriel Balestero Men’s Tennis

Emily Miccile Women’s Basketball

Catherine Murphy Women’s Basketball

Julia Strachan Women’s Basketball

Cecilia Winthrop Women’s XC/T&F

Alexandra Kanapes Field Hockey

Jacklyn Brown Field Hockey

Danielle Kempf Field Hockey

Alyssa Muller Softball

Sophia Powless Volleyball

Jessica Mina Diaz Women’s Golf

Christina Ferrara Women’s Lacrosse

Emma Lemanski Women’s Lacrosse

Kailey Broderick Women’s Lacrosse

Mia York Women’s Soccer

Maialen Herreros Viana Women’s Soccer

Juliana Klaum Women’s Soccer

Jacqueline Diffley Women’s Soccer

Kristen Maher Women’s Soccer

Jessica Petry Women’s Soccer

Halle Durand Women’s Swimming & Diving

Emily Kiernan Women’s Swimming & Diving

Victoria Antoine Women’s Track & Field

Jenna Piller Women’s Track & Field


Jayson DeMild Football

Connor Hicks Men’s Soccer

Ioannis Iatroudis Men’s Soccer

Carson Gedon Men’s Track & Field

Jayla McDuffie Women’s Basketball

Devin Coulter Women’s Lacrosse

Emilee Giacondino Women’s Lacrosse

Brianna O’Brien Women’s Lacrosse

Trystin Burger Women’s Soccer

Beatriz Correia Women’s Soccer

Kacie Allison Softball

Bonnie Kennedy Softball

Meritxell Jimeno Vicente Women’s Tennis

Jordyn Isaac Women’s Tennis

NE10 Presidents Award for Academic Excellence


Matthew Kelly Men’s Basketball

Shawn Scullion Men’s XC/T&F

Tressa Novack Women’s XC/T&F

Samantha Leary Women’s Golf

Alison Foley Women’s Lacrosse

Haley Rose Women’s Lacrosse

Anne Guadalupi Women’s Swimming

Emma Santee Women’s Track & Field


Jared Brooks Baseball

Andrew Brazicki Football

Adam Parsons Football

Daniel Reagan Men’s Basketball

Thomas Ethier Men’s Golf

Kristopher Campbell Men’s Lacrosse

Dominick Cioffi Men’s Lacrosse

Matthew Mulcahy Men’s Lacrosse

John Murray Men’s Soccer

Alec Lanza Men’s Swimming

Peter Maselli Men’s Track & Field

Mark Stanic Men’s Track & Field

Samantha D’Aquila Field Hockey

Dimitra Efremidis Field Hockey

Tatiana Naclerio Field Hockey

Lea Thompson Softball

Marissa Fontaine Women’s Basketball

Katie Meriggioli Women’s Basketball

Olivia Burns Women’s XC/T&F

Amanda McElroy Women’s XC/T&F

Kayleigh May Women’s Lacrosse

Cara McCarthy Women’s Lacrosse

Kate Schmal Women’s Lacrosse

Claire Thompson Women’s Lacrosse

Marissa Burns Women’s Soccer

Keagan Castles Women’s Soccer

Rachel Hill Women’s Swimming

Selin Karadeniz Women’s Swimming

Hanna Ryan Women’s Swimming

Amanda Shoemaker Women’s Swimming

Sydney Hurwitz Women’s Track & Field

Hayley Licata Women’s Track & Field


David Cambria Ice Hockey

Adam Carman Ice Hockey

Alex O’Dowd Ice Hockey

Ian Wallace Ice Hockey

Thomas Pitts Men’s Lacrosse

Miguel Candelo Bravo Men’s Soccer

Matteo Cavaliere Men’s Soccer

Yanik Felber Men’s Soccer

Carlos Ferrando Felis Men’s Soccer

Yanai Sayag Men’s Soccer

Yuval Barak Men’s Tennis

Patrick Nkrumah Men’s Tennis

Hugo Arlabosse Men’s Track & Field

William Aylward Men’s Track & Field

Antonio Rua Men’s Track & Field

Olivia Barnes Field Hockey

Lindsay Finney Softball

Gina Hinckley Softball

Cyrena Zemaitis Softball

Allison Green Women’s Soccer

Marissa Carbone Women’s Track & Field

Alena Masterson Women’s Track & Field

Stephanie Phoenix Women’s Track & Field


Andrew Fureno Baseball

Nick Hansen Baseball

Evan Kelly Men’s Lacrosse

Brent McKeown Men’s Soccer

Robert Rohrhirsch Men’s Soccer

Olivia Littman Softball

Mary Talty Volleyball

Emily Yancone Volleyball

Gabriella Badway Women’s Basketball

Eva Keohane Women’s XC/T&F

Micayla Moldenke Women’s Golf

Marissa Lisikatos Women’s Soccer

Elizabeth Maguire Women’s Soccer

Erica Wasserbach Women’s Soccer

Victoria Breslin Women’s Swimming & Diving

Haley Synan Women’s Swimming & Diving

Camila Humala Noriega Women’s Tennis


Kellie Znaniecki Field Hockey


Cameron Guarino Baseball

Michael Wilson Football

Estanislao Desserio Men’s Soccer

Alessandro Pappalardo Men’s Soccer

Melissa Bike Softball

Angela Chan Volleyball

Luzdali Ocasio Women’s Basketball

Jasmine White Women’s Basketball

Kathleen Amstad Women’s Track & Field

Pace (15)

Matthew Bass Baseball

Luke Jacobi Baseball

Mitchell McCabe Baseball

David Mulcahy Men’s Swimming & Diving

Filip Turecky Men’s Swimming & Diving

Brian Bates Men’s Swimming & Diving

Hildur Davidsdottir Volleyball

Nicole Pivetti Volleyball

Emma Rafferty Women’s Lacrosse

Lynzee Kelty Women’s Soccer

Gracie Incledon Women’s Soccer

Gabrielle Lucas Women’s Soccer

Marta Hasny Women’s Swimming & Diving

Annabel Keppel-Palmer Women’s Swimming & Diving

Joana Krause Massaguer Women’s Swimming & Diving

Post (3)

Nolan Arbuckle Ice Hockey

Brandon Brown Ice Hockey

Nick Levesque Ice Hockey

Saint Anselm (2)

Beanie Luttig Softball

Grace Guachione Women’s Basketball

Saint Michael’s (18)

Alex Mendez Baseball

Ethan Hendrickson Ice Hockey

Walker Storey Men’s Basketball

Jack Maino Men’s Golf

Payton Stewart Men’s Swimming & Diving

Molly Humiston Field Hockey

Erin LaMarca Field Hockey

Sydney Longley Softball

Jillian Harvie Volleyball

Katy Konow Volleyball

Ashley Turner Women’s Lacrosse

Kara Bassett Women’s Soccer

Jocelyn Long Women’s Soccer

Tess McCabe Women’s Soccer

Holly Spencer Women’s Soccer

Liz Vallatini Women’s Soccer/Swimming & Diving

Victoria Zambello Women’s Soccer

Leah Benoit Women’s Swimming & Diving

Saint Rose (6)

Gregory Allard Baseball

Oskar Astrom Men’s Soccer

Filippo Bellu Men’s Soccer

Andrew Lule Men’s Soccer

Marika Laurendeau Women’s Soccer

Olivia Stebbins-Hopkins Women’s Swimming & Diving

Southern Connecticut (5)

Joe Nemchek Baseball

Chris LeBeau Men’s Track & Field

Jessica Maier Field Hockey

Karlee Welles Field Hockey

Gillian Hotchkiss Women’s Soccer

Southern New Hampshire (24)

Nicholas Artymowicz Baseball

Joshua Goldstein Baseball

Jacob Hunt Baseball

Kyle Galloway Ice Hockey

Alex Boedeker Men’s Cross Country

Kiko Hernandez Men’s Soccer

Jannik Mohr Men’s Soccer

Guido Janssen Men’s Tennis

Bas van Biezen Men’s Tennis

Willem van Biezen Men’s Tennis

Izzy Bretz Field Hockey

Katherine Pigsley Field Hockey

Helene Servais Field Hockey

Emily Skelley Field Hockey

Cori Coults Softball

Jackie Gavin Softball

Karlee Ziliak Women’s Basketball

Ashley Corcoran Women’s XC/T&F

Dani Tompkins Women’s Lacrosse

Allyson Paterson Women’s Soccer

Tatyanna Beckford Women’s Track & Field

Jill Couto Women’s Track & Field

Megan Decker Women’s Track & Field

Grace Henson Women’s Track & Field

St. Thomas Aquinas (2)

Suzanne Clarke Field Hockey

Meghan McCarren Field Hockey

Stonehill (14)

John Fields Football

Derek Ivey Football

Eric Rauker Football

Ryan Weis Football

Jared McCracken Ice Hockey

Michael McShane Men’s Soccer

Michel-Ange Siaba Men’s Track & Field

Genna Hartman Softball

Julia Perrone Softball

Sophia Poveda Volleyball

Sophia Anderle Women’s XC/T&F

Miranda Ciccarelli Women’s Soccer

Kathleen Giusti Women’s Track & Field

Fiona Jordan Women’s Track & Field

ABOUT THE NE10 The NE10 is an association of 14 diverse institutions serving student-athletes across 24 NCAA Division II sports. Together we build brilliant futures by embracing the journey of every student-athlete.

Each year, 4,500 of those student-athletes compete in conference championships in 24 sports, making the NE10 the largest DII conference in the country in terms of sport sponsorship. Leading the way in the classroom, on the field and within the community, the NE10 is proud of its comprehensive program and the experience it provides student-athletes.


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