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S3 - Paradigm Shift: E1 - Mental Health Awareness in Developing Nations

Updated: May 16, 2022

In this episode, we bring you Joie Seldon in conversation with Ambassador Ghazala Khan as they talk about 'Mental Health Awareness in Developing Nations'. Our host; Joie Seldon Joie Seldon went through three distinct paradigm shifts in her life which led to her current work as an Emotional Intelligence master trainer. She feels that it is time to recognize that we are all connected and created by the same source. When we hold onto beliefs that cause conflict and opposition and the subsequent fear and anger that produces, we suffer. No matter our nationality, culture, or religion, we all have emotional experiences in common.

It is time for shared emotions to promote empathy and understanding rather than division. It's time to come together, dissolve the paradigm of patriarchy and "power over others," and replace it with synergy between men and women and between humanity and nature. LinkedIn; Facebook; Instagram; Website; Our guest; Ambassador Ghazala Khan Ambassador Ghazala Khan is a Certified Human Rights consultant. She is also a multi-award winning motivational speaker, mind sciences entrepreneur, business growth consultant and educationist. She has documented the 2021 Regulatory Policy for Maternal Care in Crisis, health system, education, and empowerment of women. This policy is the first of its kind and helps the governing bodies of the African Union, ECOWAS, and the United Nations in their effort of closing the gap on Gender Rights, Equity, and Parity, internationally under the umbrella of Sustainable Development Goal. LinkedIn; Facebook; Instagram; YouTube; . . . . Produced by; A Story Club Network In association with New Books Network We are; Curators; Arun Bhagwati & Shivani Dalal #astoryclub #wellness #truestories #newgenerationleaders #emotionalwellbeing #EmotionalIntelligence #cultures #diversity #inclusion #mindfulness #mindsetchange #changemakers #womenempowerment #UnitedNation #developingnations #thoughtleader #JoieSeldon #GhazalaKhan #ArunBhagwati #ShivaniDalal


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