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S3 - Paradigm Shift: E2 - Law of Intent

In this episode, we bring you Sumaiya Azeez in conversation with Shilpaa Goel while they talk about 'Law of Intent'.

Our host;

Sumaiya is certified in various forms of fitness modules, various forms of yoga and a defined dance therapist, and a certified life coach. But the real certification was obtained from life when she worked on her own healing journey. She has been training and coaching from the age of 17. She uses her creative talent and ability in the form of therapy for those who are seeking to heal their bodies, furthermore to live in a body of love and comfort is what she can help one achieve.


Our guest;

Shilpaa Goel is on a mission to create 1 million empowered souls and help them achieve freedom of lifestyle using Law of Attraction & hypnotherapy. She's a Manifestation Mentor For Conscious Visionary Adults Looking To Create A Freedom Lifestyle. She also hosts a successful talk show called "Splendid Spiritual Saturdays".

Shilpaa Goel is a dreamer, visionary and a book of stories who helps people uncover their true potential by helping them connect with their souls purpose.

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