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S3 - Paradigm Shift: E6 - The Power of Intuition

In this episode, we bring you Jaspreet Kaur in conversation with Akanksha Thapliyal while they talk about 'The Power of Intuition'.

Our Host; Jaspreet Kaur is a yogini, a proud mom to a 12-year-old boy and 2-year-old cat, a corporate professional, yoga and meditation teacher, and co-founder of brand 'Team Enigma' which focuses on organizing wellness retreats for promoting awareness on overall holistic well-being. She was born and raised in Chandigarh, and graduated in commerce from Punjab University, India. She started her professional journey 20 years ago, gained critical experiences and domain expertise across many teams, levels and sites globally. While she grew within the same organization, she always felt she needed to do more than the job that she loved. During the onset of the pandemic, her solitude brought her closer to meditation and she also deepened her yogic practice and came across many self-help topics that brought her closer to learning more about manifestations and tapping your own potential. That eventually led her to answer her calling and start her career as a Yoga teacher (Jazzy_Yogaa Studio). She started by getting certified on yoga and meditation teacher training courses and along with her practice at a Sports Village, she has teamed up with another like-minded person to form their very own brand “Team Enigma”. Since its conception, Team Enigma has conducted 5 wellness and workout retreats over the last 8 months with overwhelming feedback. She is currently based out of Hyderabad and engaged to her partner.

Instagram; . . . Our Guest; Akanksha Thapliyal Bhatt, Founder Audio Vaani, a podcast production project started in January 2020. She has designed concept and scripts of two major Spotify Original shows, "I Hear You with Aahana kumra" and "Darr ka Raaz." Her recent release is Sochcast's first Original Audio Drama, "Trunk Tales." Her stint as a podcaster started in 2019 when she launched her storytelling show, Ink Podcast and a podcast on Yoga, called The Yoga Dialogue. In 2020 she started Audio Vaani, as a proprietor. Audio Vaani consults brands and individuals with audio content.

Akanksha has also worked as a copywriter in ad agencies, worked with Red FM as a client solutions manager and also worked as a Creative Head with Word-of-Mouth Productions. Along with her stint in ideations and creatives, she has taught Yoga for two years at the Yogaguru, Noida. She is master's in yoga and Science of living. Akanksha has been talking about wellness and finding out various ways to live better through her content and her podcast Man-o-manjan.

Produced by; A Story Club Network

In association with; New Books Network


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