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The Best Ever You Show - Shanda Sumpter

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The Best Ever You Show welcomed Shanda Sumpter as our guest to discuss her Heart Core Business.

To listen to the radio show on free replays click here:

Our chat included a conversation about using social media, including the new Facebook Live feature. We also talked about how business execs need to rest and recover just like athletes do. Loved chatting with Shanda and we are going to welcome her back for Part 2 of our discussion soon. Our show ending with some audio issues and so we will have Shanda back on the show to continue.

Entrepreneur lifestyle specialist, Queen Visionary and founder of HeartCore Business, Shanda Sumpter, found the secret to success and now she is sharing it with the world in her bestselling book, “Core Calling: How to Build a Business that Gives You a Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less!” Through her business coaching, her book and her tailored series of online marketing courses, Shanda presents a step-by-step system to take participants out of the daily grind and into a life they love. For more information, visit


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