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Women at Woodstock Writers' Retreat

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Ann Voorhees Baker was fed up. She wrote on her Facebook page: "I’m sick of writers’ retreats that require an application process and then let you know if you “qualify” to work and get guidance on your writing, so I decided that Women At Woodstock would host a Writers’ Retreat this fall - and we are extending an invitation – not an application – to all over-50 women writers, both aspiring and experienced."

Baker is the founder of Women At Woodstock, an online community and annual gathering in Woodstock, NY for women 50 (or so) and up.

She says the Women At Woodstock Writers' Retreat will be different not only because it welcomes anyone who wants to write, but because the idea is not to put on a show of experts but to create a writer's colony that will bond at the retreat and strengthen over time as attendees enter back into their lives. The retreat will be an intimate group of 15 to 20 women.

"This is instructive, and it's productive, and it's supportive," she says. "It isn't 'look at those successful authors sitting up on that panel: Maybe you can be one someday too!' Our attitude is, you aren't 'maybe' going to be a writer; if you want to be a writer, be a writer. You just need help crafting your art and marshaling it out into the public eye. That's what our retreat is about."

The Women At Woodstock Writers' Retreat will be held at Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, NY, just outside Woodstock, and will consist of daily morning workshops; extended hours of writing; presentations by visiting authors; private review and consultation with a resident writing coach; and evenings by the fire with good wine, sharing readings from the days' work. Visiting authors include Ginnah Howard (Night Navigation), Laurie Stone (Starting With Serge), Veronica James (Going Gypsy), and Linda Lowen (Hopeful – Grateful – Strong).

There are two sessions: Mon., Oct. 31 - Thurs., Nov. 3 and Fri., Nov. 4 - Sun., Nov. 6, and every participant is guaranteed an expedited submission of her work directly to the Retreat's sponsor, publishing house She Writes Press. Attendees are invited to come to one or both sessions.

Click here for more details and to register.


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