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Soulmate - a Poem by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Updated: Apr 26

Have You Found Your Soulmate? To find your soulmate in your time You must go through your core... Dig down deeply and feel your path Exposing you more and more. It is through your love and heart Where soulmates are certainly found, Cherished forever and ever Always internal and sound. A soulmate is never lost But you have to grow to find - Learning and unlearning With both your body, soul and mind. Searching for years and perhaps an eternity Words cannot ever explain... A chance encounter or brush past love Instantly erase and banish away all pain. "You die first," one says. The other responds, "No you, I cannot bear it all." Soulmates separated for another time As the weaker of the two tends to fall. One is usually stronger And saves the other or helps them find their way The stronger may then become weaker And struggle for another day Why do soulmates always search for each other? The reasons aren't always so clear... It could be to bring you to another level Or it could be just to tend to tears. Have you found your soulmate? Are you living each moment with grace? Lead with your heart, feel with your heart And learn to embrace. Follow peace always Authentic you leads the way- Each moment matters Soulmates are here to stay. -Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino


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