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Ask Elizabeth - Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Welcome to Ask Elizabeth! This is the very first post. I’ve definitely gone back and forth over which question to answer first. There have been some doozies submitted! Thank you. I think I’ll take a try answering what could be the most famous question of them all, “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?” Now, as I answer this, keep in mind that, so far, nine people sent in this question. Yes. Nine. I put up the new section on the website, give a spot to submit a question, and well, you all are messin’ with me. I love it. Thank you for the pictures too! So here goes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Ok, I’m done, right? Oh, all right… Here’s a tip: Deep down, if you have to ask someone that question, you already know the answer. You really do. When you ask someone the question, "Do these jeans make my butt look fat?" or for that matter, insert and ask about any clothing in that question, it’s a “validate me” scenario. It could even place the answeree (I made up that word.) in tough spot. (Hint to men reading: run, lie or sidetrack when asked or understand you are going to be late for whatever you are getting ready for or try the "let’s go shopping" (for bigger jeans only she doesn’t know it) for a way out. My husband, for example, of, by the way, over 15 years, knows this one question when it hits him like a freight train. He now basically just hands me the credit card to go buy bigger jeans. It’s all good. Honestly, I usually end up buying shoes instead. Anyway, yesterday as we were walking through the grocery store and I was telling him I was going to write this blog, we stumbled into this card.

We giggled. It was a sign. He then shared his new goal, which is “to fit into my pants”. Sick, twisted and hilarious all in one tiny sentence and a good goal I might add because I am at the gym daily.

Now shifting gears to the person who sent in this photo.

Seriously? Whatsupwiththat? You took the buying bigger jeans to the new extreme. So no, those don’t make your rear look fat, in fact I feel mildly like I want to feed you. Oh wait, honey, I can tell that baggy rear end anywhere! Dear sweet husband of 15 years, we need to buy you some smaller pants or maybe you CAN actually borrow some of mine. I do remember a year ago when we took you out to buy bigger pants, but the gym time has changed us both! Love is love. Does it really matter if your rear end looks big at this moment in time in those jeans? Does it matter if it looks too small in those jeans? Find the humor. I can remember one very fine moment of this 15 year marriage, where I was so super excited, a few months after having a baby that my jeans fit. Seriously, I hollered into the other room for my husband to come rushing to discover with me that my jeans now fit. Woo-hoo!!! Right??? He came into the bathroom and looked at me in the mirror and said, “Honey, those are my jeans!” We laughed so hard and then he felt bad because he was wearing pregnant jeans. Love is love. Be easy on yourself and each other. Above all, if you hear, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Well. I'd suggest a hug, followed by another hug, followed by a few more. Someone is feeling insecure, heavy, not so great and so forth and it's your clue and call for love. Ease up on yourself. Love each other. Love yourself. Be Your Best Ever You. (Oh and a special loving shout out to my husband, who put on his biggest, baggiest jeans and participated in letting me snap that photo of him. We did exaggerate a bit to illustrate the point, but I am scared as now he is running around the house in the tightest of Speedos asking me to re-take his photo. Ok, he's not really doing that either and he wants me to note that he doesn't own one either... just to be clear :-)


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