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2017 Is This Your Year?

For many people, 2016 absolutely sucked. For other people it was a massive breakthrough. For the most part, this coming year, whether it's sucks or it's awesome will be up to you and me to decide.

What will you decide? And it won't be from your thought process. The outcome is never decided by what you think, or you intend to, or you affirm… The decision is only proved true by what you do on a daily basis.

I'm halfway home. Halfway to the end of my life. This year was a fairly big one for me as I turned 60 years old. I plan on living to 120 years of age or older. I have a lot of life left. I have a lot to learn. I'm open to learning. How about you?

2016 was an incredible learning year for me. An adventure. Some incredible success that I've never accomplish before in my life, as well as some failures . Some choices I made that didn't work in the direction I'd hoped.

But I can tell you this. We're dying. Every day we are closer to death. Which makes this post incredibly important for you. Are you living? Are you truly living? Is life filled with adventure? Joy? In other words… Are you taking risks, large risks every week? If not. You're dying. Right now. In front of your own eyes. You can change this. Only you can. Your husband or wife can't. Your parents can't. Your siblings can't. Your best friend can't. Even God can't. Not because he wouldn't like to. But because of the concept of free will.

This is where it gets great. You have the free will to do whatever the hell you want in 2017, that will make your life exciting, joyful, fulfilling.

Or if you're like most Americans, you'll continue to repeat the same food, the same exercise or lack of, the same substances of addiction, or behaviors of addiction, or thoughts of addiction… And 2017 will be just like every other year in your life. It will truly suck. At least compared to what you could be doing, experiencing, giving, serving and loving.

The coolest thing about 2017 is it it's up to you. And it's up to me. I have to get out of my own damn way, make sure I'm getting advice from smart people, follow their advice, and kick ass. How about you?

Or stay a victim? And say that you'd love to have an exciting life but you don't have the money? Or the body? Or the love? Or the faith? Or the dedication? Or the perseverance?

All the above are statements that victims love to live in.

What about you? Are you one of those people who say… David but the reason I drink every day is because I've gone through hell in my life… The reason I'm overweight David is my genetics… Which is absolute bullshit if you want the honest truth… The reason I don't have a love relationship I want David is because men are all dogs… Or women are all only after one thing my money.

If this blog post is to " in your face", that could be the sign of a victim. If this seems to be calling you out, and you don't like it… That is awesome! The greatest teachers in my life happen to be ones they got in my face, and my gut, and made me think. Made me work. Made me kick my own ass. Because no one else is going to do it for me. I've gone through divorce twice… Addiction recovery twice… Bankruptcy… Foreclosure… Incredible health scares… I've had who I consider my best friends betray me… Several of them… I've had former lovers steal money from me…

But that is not going to have any effect whatsoever on what I do or don't do in 2017… Unless I choose to fall back into victimhood and blame all of these people for the fact that I've been treated poorly ... hence don't have to do what it takes to be successful. And guess what? There's not one damn freaking person in this world that is powerful enough to keep me stuck in the past.

How about you? Are you going to join me? Are you going to invest time and money and effort into your growth? Your career? Your body? Your relationships? Your attitude?

Because if you do… 2017 will be the year of you! Amazing! Powerful! Fulfilling! Joyful! But if you're like most Americans… You'll go back into blaming other people for The fact that you are not living the life that you really truly want.

The choice is yours. The choice is mine. Jump on the bandwagon with me, make a decision that you're willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to create the money, body, love life, relationship with God or any other goal that you want. It takes a hell of a lot of dedication and work, perseverance and effort, to create the life that will thrill you.

I want everything. I will get everything I want. I want you to have the same attitude, the same mindset. If I can help you at all gosh darn it, let me know when and I will. Contact me directly at

And, to help you get the year off on the right foot, grab Chapter 1 of our #1 Best Selling book for free... "Positive thinking will never change your life but this book will!"

I'm here to serve. To be a lifter of spirits. And to have a hell of a great time. 2017 is my year. I want you to have the same attitude.

Love, David

About David Essel

“David Essel is the "New Leader" in the Positive Thinking Movement." Jenny McCarthy, Radio/TV Host, Actress DAVID ESSEL,M.S., Author (9), TV/Radio Host, Master Business, Relationship & Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker #1 BEST SELLER! "POSITIVE THINKING WILL NEVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE...BUT THIS BOOK WILL!" Motivational Expert for : Fox TV's Morning Blend ; Premier Executive Center, 5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd., Fort Myers, Florida, 33907 PHONE: 941.266.7676


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