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Your Healthiest Best You - Daily Resource For Your Best Well-Being

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hello Best Ever You Community!

Hi! It's me Elizabeth! We are super excited to announce that we are bringing back our Healthiest Best You section to The Best Ever You Network. We're here to help you become your healthiest best with our network, tools and resources from our wellness community.

This will include books our editors and thought leaders recommend, workouts we are doing, tips from our community and more! We are also bringing back our walk a mile a day or exercise for 20 minutes daily Healthier You Challenge.


You are invited to join our private Facebook group for A Healthier You here:


Today's Healthier You Food/Drink Resource:

Drink Water. Ask yourself, "What am I drinking?" If that answer sounds like anything but water, it might be time for a shift or change in what you are drinking.

We like this article from the Mayo Clinic about how much water to drink daily:

Today's Healthier You Resource:

Today, our go to workouts we recommend are:

Zumba (arms and weights) via the app on Roku:

Ellen Barrett's workout - Express Belly Blast

(Note from Elizabeth, Ellen Barrett is a Thought Leader here at The Best Ever You Network. I've been a fan for years and own all of her DVDs. You can also check out her website and monthly subscription at I discovered her one day while sitting on my couch, scrolling through steaming exercise videos. I was recovering from a hip injury and used her DVD "Grace and Gusto" to recover.)

We hope this information helps you take action to your healthiest best you and your best well-being!


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