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Best You Daily Inspiration and Journal Prompt - Observation and Action

Good Morning from Maine! #Gratitude to all!

Today's Best You Daily Inspiration and Journal Prompt is about observation and action.

Best You Daily will help guide you and your lifestyle to be the very best they can be. Following a few of my thoughts you'll find a journal prompt closer to the end of this blog. I hope you'll follow with me, as each day, I intend to give us all something to think about and/or write about through Best You Daily. We’re here to talk about your best life in 2017 and beyond. We’re here to learn to make some lasting changes in our lives.

This post is inspired from my trip yesterday to the dentist and then to the grocery store. Let's just get the whole dentist experience out of the way first. I know the dentist helps and all that, but that doesn't change the fact that I still have massive anxiety going there. I have absolutely no clue why. Yesterday I wanted to cancel the appointment. When I got there I turned into a whiny baby and was in fear of that darned plaque scratching noise and being condemned to a life of my teeth falling out for not being a best flosser ever. I hate that feeling of like no matter how much you brush, when you go to the dentist, you still suck. I feel like I should leave that place with a prize from the chest of prizes still. Instead it's reminders to do this or that and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Grateful, yes. But I still wanted a yo-yo that doesn't work past 5 minutes of using it and that old toy where you draw on the gray plastic paper and then can lift it to erase what you wrote. I have no idea what that toy is called!

I think that sufficiently covered my venting. Thank you for listening to that!!

After my dental adventures I went to the grocery store. I walked up to the front of the store and there was this man sitting in the shade, off to the side of the entrance. He had a sign that was about being homeless. As I had done in the previous day with the other person, I stopped and talked to him. I asked him if how long he had been sitting there and if anyone yet in the 4 hours had stopped and asked him what he needed. I was going in for pizza. They weren't making pizza. Instead, I came out of the store with 2 chocolate protein shakes, 2 sandwiches, gum, 2 waters and a bag of cut up apples. He was hungry.

On checkout, I asked if that man is out there a lot. They said yes. They said they aren't allowed to help him. Imagine that. Sitting in front of a huge store of food and nobody can help you with your hunger. The thought of that about drives me insane. I'm not getting into the whole politics behind it or why he might be perceived as not helping himself, jobs, and whatever else people think of. I'm thinking only of a person sitting there hungry and everyone walking by. I got back in my car and watch him from a slight distance. He ate like he was starving.

My challenge to all of us is to pause, stop and ask. You might be stunned by what others don't have that you do. It might put your problems in perspective.


I'm bringing this exercise back from a few days ago.

Whatever is going on in your world, I'd like to invite you to pause for one solid day or even for a few hours. Take a day off if you can. Take a complete break or pause from your normal routine. Go into listening and observing mode. Take one day and make it a day of complete service to someone else. Donate your time and do not seek recognition for it. It's not a day to write a check and keep your momentum going. You can do that also if you can. But this is a day, where you go volunteer somewhere doing something completely out of your comfort zone. Make yourself super uncomfortable and exist in another's shoes for several hours. Change a life.

Please share your experience with the group if you feel comfortable.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is a 19-year veteran of the financial services and regulatory compliance training industry. Now, a recognized leader in personal development, Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of The Best Ever You Network, a brand with more than one million followers in social media and over two million radio downloads on The Best Ever You Show.

With a mixture of humor and grace, Elizabeth helps people root in gratitude, discover motivation and implement positive, lasting change. An expert in mentoring people to market their strengths and achieve brand excellence, she works with clients worldwide to illuminate their light within, develop their best life and become their Best Ever You with gratitude-based behavior and belief systems.

Elizabeth’s book PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House, 2014) has been called “charming” by Publisher’s Weekly, with “an ingenious extended coffee metaphor.” Guarino also ranks consistently as one of the top 40 social CEOs on Twitter and was just named a favorite by Oxford Said Business School. Her hashtags #BestEverYou and #TipstoBeYourBest are widely circulated.

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