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Brianna Brown Keen’s – 5 Tips to Become Your Best Ever You

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Tip 1:

Get rid of your scale. I’ve noticed a pattern with women who are emotional eaters who start their day weighing themselves and how it sabotages their goals. That single action is saying to yourself, I am worthy if I weigh less and I’ll be hard on myself (mentally abuse myself) if I weigh more. But who knows, maybe you had a much needed night out to let loose and celebrate, or you are bloated, hormonal or need to pooh! Don’t start your day with your worthiness being dictated by a number on your scale. I only weigh myself quarterly, if that, and really, it’s about measurements (which I also only do quarterly) and how I feel in my clothes. So stop giving away your power to a stupid scale!

Tip 2:

If you are an emotional eater your body is crying out for you to love it. Stop stuffing how you feel and start speaking up for what you need, when you need it, in a way that is honoring yourself and others. As a reformed emotional eater I know your journey of being a people pleaser, being too nice to your own detriment or not feeling worthy to honor your needs. Or afraid you’ll lose people if you do. Please note if you speak up kindly and directly about what you need and you lose someone, be grateful. They no longer are serving your highest good. You have to feel it to heal it instead of stuffing it to cope and maintain the illusion of safety.

Tip 3:

It is all about consistency. Everything that is important requires maintenance. So stop lying to yourself that you did a little therapy, and your marriage should be all better if you still harbor resentment and you are not purposefully creating quality, fun, playful, sexy time with your partner. No relationship thrives by only talking about your problems, or always avoiding them. You wouldn’t be surprised if you went to the dentist and your teeth were all rotting after not brushing or flossing your teeth for months. Same with your relationship, neglect by being on autopilot changes the trajectory to creating a wobbly foundation.

Tip 4:

Always have marriage goals each year. If you are married always set at least one proactive goal to help your marriage to thrive. Why? Because what we focus on grows. Make sure you have a habitual date night, have a secret sexy intention x times a week to get your sensuality going with your partner, or something else that is fun and consistent. Not just a vacation once a year. By the way, they don’t need to know that you are purposefully setting a goal in that are. It can be your sexy secret. Being married and having kids is exhausting. Of course there is not the same spontaneity and excitement when you are dealing with feces all day long. Therefore, spice it up by using transition time to think about what you love about the other person and get yourself turned on to then get in the mood with your lover. It will be positive snowball effect within your relationship and inspire them to do the same.

Tip 5:

If you are an over achiever and goal oriented, make sure you honor vacations. Vacations are a goal. Don’t bring that book that you “need” to read or feel obligated to do all of your normal morning and evening routines. Or beat yourself up for not eating or drinking perfectly. Instead savor your life, the high points, the luxury of having the ability to be on a vacation. To get still and relax and let go. Part of Manifesting Your Mission Guidebook that I wrote incorporates both the doing and the allowing. You must have both to receive what you want and what is in your highest good.

Minnesota native Brianna Brown Keen is an award-winning actress who has worked for over two decades in Hollywood with projects ranging from top grossing feature films, to Emmy-winning television shows, to indie projects she has produced. She is often recognized for her roles on Dynasty, Devious Maids, General Hospital and Homeland.

Brianna is the Founder and CEO of the 501c3 non-profit organization The New Hollywood which was established in 2006 that is dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and changemakers thru goals and grants.

Brianna is also the Chair Ambassador for the National Women’s History Museum, a public speaker on the topic, “Manifesting Your Mission”, offers in-person and online workshops as well as small group accountability coaching using the method within Manifesting Your Mission Guidebook.



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