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Cynthia Clark - Love In Your Hands

Love in Your Hands founder Cynthia Clark joined host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on The Best Ever You Show. To listen to the show click here for free replays:

Cynthia Clark, relationship palmist and heart harmonizer has worked with over 7,000 people individually, assisting them with relationship and life purpose issues since 2008. Frustrated by the dating world when she got divorced in 2015, she delved into her deep knowledge of palmistry to bring forth a new way of matchmaking. After going through her own divorce trauma and poor rebound relationship, she found the love of her life after analyzing his hands and seeing the deep compatibility with herself. She is now determined to help singles across the globe find each other and reach new levels of happiness and fulfillment. In addition to the dating membership, she also offers worldwide private consultations and online courses to assist singles in their soulmate journey.

Cynthia's website offers a new way for spiritual singles to find long-lasting love using the ancient science of palmistry to match to their potential soulmate.Cynthia made the discovery from over 10 years of analyzing hands that there is a system of compatibility measured through palm reading. Users upload a digital photo of their palm to discover their archetype and instantly know their subconscious influences and who potential matches are. The computer algorithm also uses astrology and Chinese astrology.


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