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Day 13: Accept yourself, as is, today and in this moment

Today's Healthiest Best You Daily Tip/Resource/Check-In

Daily Tip

Accept yourself, as is, today, and in this moment. If you need a mantra, say it out-loud and post it on your mirror:

"I am enough. I accept myself as is, today and in this moment. "

Allow yourself to be and release negative self-confidence and negative self-talk. Release negativity and allow for positive thoughts to flow freely to become your healthiest best you.

Daily Resource:

Your resource today is you.

Check in with yourself and consider a self-challenge. Can you bend forward and place your palms on the ground in front of you without bending your knees?

Daily Check-In:

  • Have you either walked a mile today or exercised for 20 minutes? More?

  • How much water are you drinking?

  • What are you eating?

  • How much are you eating?

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