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Elizabeth's Best - Born Skincare

(Elizabeth's Note: Born is a go-to, highly-trusted product line for me and is a great product for people with sensitivities and allergies.)

Born Skincare is helping people achieve the flawless skin they’ve always dreamed of with their line of skincare products that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

This holiday season, give the gift of radiant, fresh skin without harsh chemicals or toxins to everyone on your shopping list at a great price! Born Skincare has an incredible skincare set for anyone – from that special guy, to best friends, to coworkers, or for anyone with sensitive skin that are luxurious, natural, soothing and won’t break your holiday budget. Born’s key unique ingredient is grape seed oil derived from a variety of grapes. This oil is full of vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants and absorbs faster than any other seed oil. Each ingredient gently nourishes the delicate skin of the face while packing a potent punch.

The oils found in Born Skincare’s products are cold-pressed and minimally refined without the use of chemicals, and is processed in small batches by hand to ensure the oils’ integrity. In just a few days, Born users will see results from the pure, rich oils and nutrients. Even the preservatives used are organic, Certified Toxic-Free and PETA-approved Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Born offers three great holiday gifts sets for $50 and under:

  • The Pure & The Source for Men bundle combines our gentle foaming cleanser Pure with the multi-use blend of the Source to cleanse and hydrate, leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth. The Source for Men can condition beards, be used as aftershave, and moisturize nightly. Available for $45.

  • Pure & The Source for Sensitive Skin is the perfect pairing of our nightly anti-aging oil serum for sensitive skin and Pure cleanser. Pure is gentle enough for most sensitive skin types yet robust enough to remove make-up and natural dirt. The Source for Sensitive Skin is our all-star muscadine oil, which quickly absorbs into skin and repairs it on a cellular level. Available for $50.

  • Pure & The Source for Skin Bundle is a gentle foaming cleanser, which perfectly complements our nightly anti-aging oil serum. Pure is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types yet strong enough to remove make-up and natural dirt. The Source For Skin is our luxurious grape seed oil, it's the ultimate anti-aging oil serum, full of antioxidants, vitamins, E & C, and essential fatty acids for the skin. This oil will quickly absorb into your skin and leave you will a beautiful iridescent glow. Available for $50.

About Born Skincare:

Our passion to educate consumers about the importance of toxic free living began when an immediate family member was diagnosed with cancer. Sharing the information about harmful chemicals and toxins used in everyday products is a top priority.

We have devoted years of research into finding the perfect ingredients for our organic cosmetic line, Born, which we are proud to put our name on. Each ingredient is organic, even our preservatives, ensuring that our products do no harm. Born offers a full range of products that embody our dedication to a chemical free lifestyle.

Here at Born Skincare our goal is to teach you that Toxic Free cosmetics work just as well as their chemical counterparts without putting your health at risk. We want you to understand why you are choosing our products verses any other.

The grape is one of the richest-known sources of antioxidants, with its skin and seeds containing 90% of its medicinal value. Multiple studies have shown that grape seeds have antioxidant, antiallergenic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, which play a vital role in the fighting of cancers and other diseases.

At Born Skincare, we take a healthful and holistic approach when it comes to the development of our products. We want our customers to make the most educated decision in respect to their bodies, both inside and out. Every Born Skincare product contains the power of the grape in it; whether it comes from the skin, the oil extracted from the seeds or the juice.

We are a family-driven business that has a deep conviction in what we do, which makes us proud to put our name on every Born and OrganicVines product. As a family, we believe that being healthy is paramount, and that starts with consuming the right foods and nourishing the skin. We have devoted years of research towards maximizing the health and beauty benefits the grape provides. The results of our tireless commitment are in every bottle and jar of Born Skincare that we produce. All Born Skincare products are Organic, Certified ToxicFree and are developed without testing on animals.

A better life begins with what we put in our bodies and on our skin. The often overlooked grape provides a myriad of health benefits, and here at Born Skincare we are dedicated to introducing our customers to these benefits through our quality line of organic foods and beauty products.

At Born Skincare we strive to find innovative ways of utilizing the grape in its entirety. Our cosmetics line Born, and our nutritional line OrganicVines, offer a full range of products that embody our dedication, and through them we aspire to improve the lives of our customers.


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