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magicOpener - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Elizabeth's Note: This product is brilliant for those who have issues with their hands which translates into inability to open common items. magicOpener is a solution to a very common embarrassing and frustrating problem.

Many people don’t have any problem opening beverages. Many others struggle with certain types of caps. Along with being so functional, magic Opener® easy bottle opener, is especially helpful for people suffering from joint and hand problems, such as arthritis, and those with limited hand strength. The comfortable, curved design and the extra leverage magic Opener® design produces makes it a very useful tool for those of us who need help — from smaller children to senior citizens. ANYONE will benefit from not fighting to twist off a bottle top or break a nail on a pull tab! magic Opener® easy bottle opener grabs and grips the cap. magic Opener® easy opener eliminates the pain and strain!

magic Opener ® easy bottle openers combines the three most common types of beverage openers into one easy-to-use product. You can use it to open most plastic screw on bottle tops, aluminum pull tabs and metal bottle caps. The magnetic back permits you to place it on the refrigerator, or on any metal surface, making it handy to store and use. People are finding that the curved bottle design of magicOpener ® makes it easy to grip and use — virtually pain free opening with less effort on your part.

The Magic Opener Extreme is something everyone should have in their kitchen! This one handy tool helps open various bottle caps, lids, and cans - a must-have for those who has trouble opening food and drink items!

magic Opener COMBO is a great help for those in need to open various sizes of caps on all different plastic bottles easily and comfortably, from the eco-friendly smaller caps of traditional water bottles, to larger Vitamin Water or Gatorade caps, and most sizes in between. A total of 16 different cap sizes for your convenience. Ergonomic and magnetic for easy access when needed. It is made with a strong and resistant material, made to last. Also includes a can opener for soda cans and larger food can pull-tabs. Available in yellow. Includes 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked.


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