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The Spatty - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 28

I always throw out extra make-up at the bottom of the bottle mostly from frustration. It may even be even after having turned it over to get every last drop - especially with something expensive. So when this product - The Spatty - came along, I felt like my the small issue (in the grand scheme of life) had been solved!

The Spatty is a beauty cosmetic tool designed to retrieve every last drop of your favorite hair and beauty products. A Consumer Reports study shows 15-25% of a bottled lotion-like product is discarded when it is no longer easy to get out.

To put things into perspective, if you spend $40.00 on a foundation, Spatty can help you salvage that 25% of the product stuck in the bottom, which means $10.00 that won’t go in the trash! At $4.99 Spatty will have paid for itself.

For beauty lovers everywhere, this money saving tool is practical and effective.

  • Innovative money saving tool- The Spatty is a mini spatula that is sturdy, resilient, and flexible and approximately 1 inch wide

  • The Spatty pays for itself- Extend the life of your beauty and save money. No more wasted product.

  • Perfect for all beauty products-Fits inside small opening of bottled products, containers, and receptacles

  • Sanitary- Helps avoid germs in your makeup products

  • Dishwasher safe-Cleaning the Spatty is hassle-free

  • Non-toxic- BPA free

  • FDA approved

  • Made in the USA

The Spatty is available in 2 different sizes. Spatty 6” Cosmetic Tool retails at $4.99 and Spatty 12” Cosmetic Tool starts at $5.99. The company also offers a Spatty Cosmetic Tool Set for $9.99.

Meet Cheryl Rigdon

Cheryl Rigdon works full-time as a Speech Language Pathologist at a pre-school. She has a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology with an undergraduate degree in Special Education and has been working in that field for five years. Cheryl has always been a problem-solver, and when she got annoyed by not being able to access the product at the bottom of her expensive bottles of make-up and lotion, she came up with a solution. That solution was the Spatty. After creating the perfect tool for her dilemma in the bathroom, she decided that the same tool, only bigger, could be used in the kitchen, so the Spatty Daddy was born. Cheryl did most of the development of the Spatty and Spatty Daddy by herself. Her husband, mom and dad were very supportive and helpful. Her husband works as a project manager in a factory, so he was able to offer some insight, but the Spatty is totally Cheryl's creation. Cheryl in the Shark Tank

Cheryl’s pitch for the Spatty was fairly straightforward; there weren’t a lot of overly controversial moments, and she was pleased with the final cut. “What you saw on TV was pretty much how it happened. One thing that made it hard was everyone was asking questions at the same time, so they were hard to understand. I wanted to answer everyone, but it was hard, because they were all asking at the same time. I felt a little awkward because I was standing and everyone else was sitting, it didn’t feel personable. When we all started laughing, it really made me more comfortable, and it made the experience fun! Kevin O‘Leary was very nice; he helped me during my pitch and answered questions. I think it’s funny they wanted to call him ‘Spatty Daddy;’ it can only help the brand! The best part of being on Shark Tank was meeting Daymond. He has been fantastic in helping me with the many emails I have gotten because of the show, and he has given me some great connections to help my business." Cheryl Rigdon, the teacher, almost came out during the pitch: “It was hard because they were all laughing. Robert and Lori kept bringing the rest of [the Sharks] back to the pitch because they were all joking around. At one point, everyone was talking at the same time, and they kept interrupting me as I was answering questions. I felt like I was dealing with my kids and I was thinking to myself, “Y’all take turns!’” Cheryl Gives Back Even though Cheryl is a Speech Language Pathologist who is pinching pennies, she has a passion for helping others, and she is using her invention to help change people's lives. There are 800 million people in the world who do not have access to clean, safe water. If they drink their water, it will make them sick. In America, we take the ability to turn on the faucet and get safe water for granted. Cheryl is doing her part by donating a percentage of her profits to providing clean water to 3rd world countries. It is a fact that access to clean, safe water can change people's lives. Know that by making a purchase with Cheryl, you are helping people who desperately need it.


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