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Elizabeth's Best - Thousand Helmets

I am very proud to issue our Elizabeth's Best Seal of Excellence to Thousand Helmets. Thousand Helmets sent Quaid The Nordic Wood from the Epoch Collection.

It's important to wear a helmet while biking, but most are ugly, awkward, and uncomfortable. As a result, helmets often get left at home instead of keeping you protected.

Thankfully, Thousand Helmets; creators of classically-designed and innovative bicycle helmets, celebrates the company’s second anniversary with the debut of their new Epoch helmet line.

Here is Quaid's review:

The helmet I received from Thousand was the Epoch in the nordic wood colorway. The helmet is very aesthetically pleasing and is the best looking helmet I’ve had the chance to wear. After 1 drop test, a fall, and 300 miles of riding with this helmet, there is no visible wear and it looks fresh out of the box.

The helmet has great ventilation and kept my head very cool while riding. The fit on the helmet is great with the removable foam pads to make the size smaller, or the leather chin strap, which performs fantastically and is another win for the helmets visual appeal.

The ability to lock the helmet along with your bike is a very nice feature and functions superb, except bigger bike locks like chain locks or thick u-locks will not fit through the hole. When you do have a lock that fits, it provides a great sense of relief not having to worry about if your helmet got jacked while the bike is unattended.

Overall, I have gotten to know this helmet very well and I highly recommend this product. It is very comfortable and easy to adjust to your liking. It has a great looking design and features which perform nearly flawless. And most importantly, in my case, it has withstood two hard hits with no visual damage. This helmet is a solid 10/10 and I can only hope to see more cyclists wearing this in the future.

Thank you,

Quaid Guarino

More about this helmet:

Embodying the spirit of heritage design, the Epoch product line is wrapped in modern accents and innovation, elevating the brand’s current offerings with advanced colors, materials and finishes. The new line tells the story of design as well as the story of the evolution of the Thousand brand.

Made with distinct features that set it aside from traditional and bulky headgear, the clean, intuitive design and beautiful detailing of the helmet offer a minimalistic look for the modern urban explorer.

What Makes Them Different?

  • Secret Poplock System: let's you safely leave your helmet secured to your bike

  • New Minimalistic designs are a stylish, and fresh alternative to traditional bulky, headgear

  • Bike helmet theft guarantee: If your helmet gets stolen while securely locked to your bike, Thousand will replace it.

  • 7 air vents & 3 cooling channels: provides optimum airflow

  • Vegan leather straps: eco-friendly craftsmanship

As long time cyclist, Founder Gloria Hwang was never a fan of wearing a helmet. Like many others today, she saw it as a bulky, “sci-fi” nuisance. But after the loss of a friend, she knew she needed to change the heavy, and awkward looking headgear into an innovative and most importantly safe helmet people want to wear. Thousand Helmets was born; a group of social entrepreneurs, design junkies and storytellers who are obsessed with everything from value chains to colorways. Their mission is to benefit the public in multiple areas including; helping to curb the impact of bike accidents, promoting active and community living, and building quality gear without causing unnecessary harm to the planet.


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