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Everyone Has A Superpower – What’s Yours?

The ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound is hardly useful these days, given the wonders of CGI. And yes, invisibility might still be useful, but what if you forgot how to be visible again? Far better is to look inward for your superpower, not outward! To your truth, to what serves your life best, not to what others may think (or not think!) of it.

Mine is diligence. Dog with a bone. Tenacity. A commitment to doing the best I can, with what I’ve got, from where I am, and refusing to give up, give in or give out until I’ve accomplished that. To an outside eye, it may look like no big deal. Who cares if I don’t smile at the barista? I do. Even if I feel yucky, I do my best to smile at those I encounter. Or to others, it may look like a big deal. Like getting a book published. Or winning at ballroom dance competitions. To me, the superpower engaged is the same. What I chose to commit to, I commit to full-on. Smiles, books, awards, whatever.

Why does a superpower matter? Because if you know what yours is, you can rely on it, you can summon it up, you can count on it when all else fails you. When I’m confronted with what looks to me like an impossible task, I dig in. I ignore my inner committee’s “You can’t do that! Who do you think you are?! You’re too old! Not smart enough! Not talented enough!” etc. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. But I always get further along than I was before when I remember to summon up my diligence. Be dog. Grab bone. Hang on.

My BFF’s superpower – well, one of many – is her ability to put things in perspective. For herself, of course, but also for those she loves. For example, when I’m freaking out about something, she’ll say, “Where do you think you’ll be with that in 3 months? In a year?” and I’ll calm down. My rational brain can once more function, and off I go, looking for that bone.

What’s yours? Kindness. Responsiveness. Courage. Resilience. Flexibility. Humor. The list is endless. What matters is that you discover the superpower that supports what you want in life. That you become aware of it, use it consciously, for your good and the good of others. Dang!

Now you are a real Marvel hero/heroine, in real life, where it really counts.


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