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Featuring You - Edith Namm - Smile

The steps that got me to where I am today: My English teachers in High School inspired and motivated me to want to become an English teacher. I graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA degree in Secondary Education in 1946.

Since teaching jobs were not available, I went to the Federation Employment and Guidance Service seeking a job. I worked at FEGS for 10 years and got my MA in Guidance at NYU. I resigned to raise my family.

In 1963, I taught English at Marine Park Jr. H. School  for 5 years. In 1969 I became a Guidance Counselor at Reynolds Junior High School. Reynolds became my home away from home for 20 years until I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  It was time for me to retire.

I pursued my long time interest in Handwriting Analysis and received Certification as a Specialized Graphoanalyst from The Institute of Graphological Science, Texas University, Dallas, Texas. in 1992. These 21 years of experience as a Graphoanalyst have been the most exciting, fascinating part of my life's journey..I have authored 7 books on stress management and am dedicated to sharing safe,simple,specific, self-help techniques that can free one's mind from anger and fear and empower one to thrive in a 24/7 stressful world.

I will briefly share my unique bouts of cancer. In December 1989, at the age of 76, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months later I had a hysterectomy One month later in March 2001 it was colon cancer, in 12/31/2001, at the age of 76, I had the greatest challenge of all- liver cancer surgery. In April I had my 12th year check-up with my liver surgeon. His parting comment was, I' will see you next year! My date with him is scheduled for 4/14/14!!! You may ask - How did I manage to survive? My answer - It starts with Self-Talk. From the day of my first diagnosis of cancer to th is very day, I say "I am a survivor!!! I am a winner!!!  I can say it hundreds of times. I am constantly practicing Productive Positive Self-Talk.

 For the last 8 years I am back at Brooklyn College on the IRPE (Institute for Retirees in Pursuit of Education) faculty teaching a course on stress management , A Joyful Journey to Miles  of Smiles - The Write Way to a Positively Energized Brain and Body.

I am the Founder of Share-a-Smile Ambassadors whose mission is to activate school, home and community Share-a-Smile Projects that effectively relieve emotional stress, raise self-esteem, promote positive social interaction, establish health relationships and increase one's positive energy power regardless of one's age, gender or economic background.

What's new in my life  I have a new role to play!!! I am a Great Grandmother!!! My family from California came to New York. It was my 88th birthday. I was able to meet my Great Grandson face to face. It was a 4 generation celebration!!! Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!! I am a member of the Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund- an organization that has actively contributed to the Ronald McDonald House of New York. since 1986. The McDonald House is the largest House in the world. It provides temporary housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families from all 50 states and 34 countries. The House is referred to as a place where hope has a home for the children who are receiving cancer treatment in nearby hospitals. 

I introduced GSCF members to The  Knitted Comfort Caps for Kids with Cancer Project. With each cap is a Share-a-Smile magic bookmark containing words that increase one's smile mileage. Each family receives my unique Share-a-Smile Infinity Lapel Pin wishing them infinite miles of smiles as they return home.

All year round GSCF members sell animated singing bears and give all proceeds to the House. I no w have a collection of Share-a-Smile  dressed up animated Ambassadors who appear at my class sessions and demonstrate how musical energy can heal what ails you.It is a joyful experience for me to see a roomful of people instantly smile, sing or hum as they march out with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

My favorite book is my latest lovable, huggable book, Change To A Positive Mindset and Extend Your Lifeline. I would like to see a copy in every home in the universe. My mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire readers of all ages to adopt, adapt and activate a PEP lifestyle that empowers one, from head to toe, to live a healthy satisfying, productive life style.

I would also recommend my unique book, Rhyming Riddles and Tons of Tongue Twisters for Miles of Smiles. It's a fun-filled book to be shared with family and friends, any time, any place, any season. It is the "read and say" way to relieve sad, anxious, angry feelings and increase one's positive energy power.

My favorite websites are: Best You - My contact with you keeps me smiling. I admire your mission and am amazed by all you accomplish!!!  Dr.Oz, The Doctors TV, I love the fascinating Nature program on Channel 13. It positively nurtures my nature. In the comfort of my home I can travel around the world and learn about animals and their relationships, I love Channel 889 on Cablevision,  Easy Listening. It is available 24/7.

Sharing what I passionately believe: Positive thinking creates change and is the key to living in the state of health and wellness. Positive action makes things happen and supplies the energy needed for optimal brain and body functioning. Live in the present moment. Live moment by moment. Make the most of each present moment. A shared smile is the best gift to give and get. A shared smile is a gift that everyone can afford to give.


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