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Featuring You - Meet Kelly Smith

Tell us about yourself.

I am Kelly Smith, a two-time published award winning international best-selling author of Signs in the Rearview Mirror Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind and newly released Out of the Darkness. I host a podcast Let’s Get Wicked Deep, a Dating Podcast which can be found on iTunes and iHeartRadio, Dating Expert on GoDates, writer for HuffPost, Elephant Journal and GoDates. I am also a certified Dating Relationship Coach who has been featured on Sirus XM, iHeartRadio, and heard on over 500 radio stations across the country as a dating expert.

How did you get to be where you are today?

I think this was always my path in life. Born in the darkness, I had always chased the light, and in my chase, I picked up skills and amazing people during my journey. I live this life because I was meant to and I would not change one thing because every second, since the day I was born, brought me to my right now and I’m living a life I could not be prouder of.

Have you ever been fired?

I have not.

What are your real passions?

I love writing and the ocean, well water. I love being near the water.

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

If I won the lottery, I would buy a house on the beach, and then go on a vacation.

What do you do to help others be their best?

I listen. And when the time is right, I guide them. I have lived along life in 44 short years, so I want to help others be happy and healthy in their life and their choices.

How do you help yourself be the best you can be?

I stick to my routines in the morning. I have daily system that wakes me each day at 6 am, gets me to the gym and spend a lot of time laughing with people that are important to me.

What do you like to do in your personal life?

Ju jitsu. I have fallen in love with this art. I had no idea when I began it would put back pieces that my abusive relationship took from me.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I would love to continue writing fiction books. I just finished my first one and I currently working on my second.

What is a book or two that you recommend?

I highly recommend Attached and Crucial Conversations.

Please give us one or two shameless plugs. to purchase both of my books!!!

What are some of your favorites? (books, websites, etc.)

I love to learn, but I also like to read books to just melt into. Currently I am obsessed with Corinne Michaels.

Why do you do what you do?

In a way, because I have no choice. While going through my darkest times, I knew if I got out of them, I would help others to never feel alone.

What are a few of your goals?

I want to take my show on the road and become a public speaker so I can meet people in person and let them know, it’s going to be ok.

What do the words "Best Ever You" mean to you?

To wake up each day and be the best version of that I can be, not only for myself, but for the people around me as well.


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