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Gordana Biernat - #KnowTheTruth

I strongly believe Gordana Biernat is one of the key thought leaders of our generation. She is a voice for humanity on a level where the vibration and energy lift in a positive, collaborative direction.

Gordana Biernat - #KnowtheTruth
Gordana Biernat - #KnowtheTruth

"Peace is only to be found, in the NOW moment. If you’re always expecting or anticipating something, then you are not allowing the NOW moment to give you the peace, love and stillness it unfailingly contains. Breathe. Calm your mind. Rest your heart."
- Gordana Biernat

It was an honor to personally meet with Gordana via video conference. Not only does she represent grace and elegance, but also, I knew I was in the the presence of a greatness that is really difficult to explain. It should be easy, but there aren't words invented yet for how really exquisite Gordana is. I feel grateful for the opportunity to be in her company and am so proud of her book and work. I am very proud to issue my Elizabeth's Best Seal of Excellence to Gordana for her book #KnowtheTruth.

Elizabeth's Best - Gordana Biernat - #KnowtheTruth
Elizabeth's Best - Gordana Biernat - #KnowtheTruth

I hope you will join me in listening again to her words on The Best Ever You Show,

which is available on free replay here or wherever you listen to podcasts: Gordana Biernat on Best Ever You

Gordana on Twitter:

Gordana's book: #KnowtheTruth

Best Ever You Show interview with Gordana Biernat: #KnowtheTruth - Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

GORDANA BIERNAT is a thinker, writer, speaker and wisdom keeper. She is one of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 teachers, a group of 100 awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity. As a thinker Gordana shares her thoughts on Twitter, initiating creative processes and conscious communication. She is a mentor, assisting those who seek self development and a greater sense of being through intellectual and spiritual inquiry. GORDANA BIERNAT is the only European to have been named an Oprah Winfrey SuperSoul 100 Teacher. Her straightforward and empowering tweets have already inspired hundreds of thousands across the globe and her book "#KnowTheTruth - Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything", is a collection of her most profound wisdom. “#KnowTheTruth” opens reader’s eyes to his/her inherent inner power and true potential; it will remind him/her of who we are and why we are here. 


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