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Healthiest Best You -Daily Tip & Resource

Today's Healthiest Best You Daily Tip/Resource/Check-In

Daily Tip

Our tip for today is about you and your couch. I don't know about you, but our couch is getting worn out. I don't know whether it's the couch needs a break from us or we need a break from it, but I guess it doesn't matter really, except to say, it's time to remind us all to move more....the couch needs a break.

In our case, the cat has taken over a section of it and I look over and just want to remain all lazy, peaceful and cat-like... a snoozing nap even. But no, we must move our body and get up and take action to be our healthiest best!

Daily Resource:

It's another Ellen Barrett day for us here at Best Ever You! We love her workouts and know you will too. Today we did Grace and Gusto. Visit for more info.

Daily Check-In:

Have you either walked a mile today or exercised for 20 minutes?

How much water are you drinking?

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