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How Self-Respect Can Create More Wealth and Ease with Your Finances

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Are you in a financial state where you just get by every month? And if you receive more money than usual, unexpected higher bills show up, too?

I had a phase in my life where I went through these cycles over and over again. Dealing with money and finances was always a struggle–and not fun at all. My greatest fear when it came to money was not being able to pay my bills. So, the first thing I did every time money came in was rushed to pay all of the unpaid bills.

What if there is a different way? What if choosing more self-respect could create more wealth and ease with your finances? Here are a few simple and pragmatic tools to make changes. Would you give them a try and actually use them for at least 6 months?

Set-up a 10% self-respect fund

So first and foremost, put away 10% in cash of all money that comes in. Set this up as a self-respect fund to honor yourself first, before you do anything else with the money. This dynamically shifts your money flows; you will see changes within the first 3 months.

When you practice contributing to this fund, you clearly make a statement that you are the most important thing in your life that gets paid first. Please get the dynamic behind all this, it has nothing to do with saving money, but respecting and honoring yourself first.

The trick is you never spend the money in the self-respect fund–and I mean never spent it. You can invest it at a later state, but please, please, please never spend it. I recommend that you not do anything with the money for at least a year, if not even two. After that period, you can invest a part of it in assets with an intrinsic value, where you are 100% certain that the value will rise in the future (e.g. real estate, financial investments, stocks, precious metal, antique jewelry, and so on). The most important thing here is to invest only if you are truly certain that the value will rise. Don’t invest your self-respect fund into any risk investment–this is not money you are gambling with.

After several months of putting away 10% of all your money inflows–and when I say all, I mean it. So, even if somebody is gifting you money you put away 10%–you will gain a sense of “having money” combined with more space, peace and ease around it.

You might think this is way too easy. I love when things are easy! Try it out. It works–I have seen the changes in hundreds of people I worked with.

End the monetary self-abuse

Every time you tell yourself that if you had the money, you’d do XYZ, you give up your responsibility to money and you abuse yourself. You make yourself a victim of money.

So, what can you do differently to change this? Start being brutally honest and ask yourself, “Do I really want this?” And if yes, be willing to be and do whatever it takes to get it. This is another way of honoring you.

Stop making money the source of your choices

Often times, not only do we give up our responsibility to money, but even worse, we tend to make money to the source of our choices.

The amount of money we have available often determines what we are choosing. What if it is the other way around, and if we are truly choosing something, the money for it shows up?

So how can you start being the source of your choices again? Pretty simply, start asking a question like, “If money was not the issue here, what would I really choose?”

And once you make a choice, you can ask, “What can I be or do different here to make it happen (or get this) anyway? What is actually required to have this with total ease?”

Asking a question makes you the source of possibilities with money rather than relying on money to be the source for you.

Make different choices with regards to money

And while we’re talking about choices, what if having money is just a choice? Would you choose to have it? Or continue to find reasons and justifications not to have it?

I have worked with many wealthy people and one thing they all had in common was that having money is as natural as breathing. If you practice these simple steps to respect yourself, you can go from surviving with money to thriving. So when will you choose to have money, no matter what it takes?

Tanja Barth is a personal wealth and well-being coach, mentor and co-author of Beyond Limitless. She has spent more than two decades in a highly-successful financial career – including as auditor, transaction service manager, private equity & management consultant, wealth manager, and CFO. Now, in addition to her business activities, she incorporates her vast financial and management experience into her role as a Right Riches for You facilitator, and the facilitation of several other Access Consciousness® special programs.


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