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Is This Serving Me? Spring Clean Your Life

Over the weekend I jump-started my spring cleaning- I rearranged my furniture, got rid of old newspapers and magazines, donated clothes, and deep-cleaned. My windows were still sealed shut and snow flurries covered the front porch, but nevertheless, it is spring.

I feel sorry for the birds chirping outside, who are probably thinking, “we flew back for this?“

As I purged things which are simply taking up space (I live as “tiny” as tiny could be- my bedroom is my kitchen, dining, and living room), I felt freer and fresh. Spring cleaning is also relevant for purging habits, people, and patterns. Spring brings a fresh start- not only are the leaves on the trees and flowers new, you can be, too.

Be mindful of your actions as you go into this new week. What in your life is dragging you down? Think about those annoying, negative, or unnecessary things that you could do without.

Just as I purged clutter, you can purge the things you don’t like about yourself and the world around you, step by step. You can’t change overnight, but each day you can make small steps to release old energies, patterns, addictions, and other unhealthy behaviors.

I naturally want to have a big heart, but I won’t allow my life to be filled with negative energy, especially when I can help or offer a solution to another person. Remember, you’re not responsible for someone else’s unhappiness. It’s taken me a long time to realize that other people’s problems aren’t my own, and when they treat me poorly, it’s not a reflection on me.

I’ve come to a few conclusions:

  • We have to learn those tough life lessons on our own;

  • You can guide other people, but you can never control them or have unrealistic expectations for how they “should” (the worst word ever) act;

  • It’s better to let go than hold on to something that negatively affects you; and

  • You have to keep doing you.

It’s important to remember that we are not responsible for someone else’s unhappiness. Although it can be hard, we have to continue to focus on taking care of ourselves.

I ended my Sunday with some “Letting Go” Yoga With Adriene, feeling lighter and content. Yoga has been helpful for me to be less reactive to people or situations, and to think more objectively. Just as a wise lady said to me once, “don’t sweat the small stuff- for it’s all small stuff.”

No matter what you release this spring, remember to stay true to you. When you’re your own biggest fan, the possibilities are endless.

About Kristin Fehrman

Kristin Fehrman is a Boston-based writer from Traverse City, Michigan. After spending years among the hustles of San Francisco and New York City, she opted for a simpler, more satisfying way of life in 2016. All signs pointed her to Massachusetts, so on December 1st, 2016, she took a one-way flight to Boston and started her blog seven days later.

Kristin's mission is to empower women, make people laugh, and encourage others during their own journey of life. From mindfulness lessons to life confessions, she hopes you enjoy following her not-so-linear path.


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