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Joe Sperle - Athlete's Guide to Success - A Roadmap to Becoming a Champion

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, host of The Best Ever You Show, welcomed Coach Joe Sperle to talk about success on and off the field and becoming a champion.

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If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete, Joe Sperle, Professional Sports and Baseball Trailblazer and one of the top coaches in the nation, shares with you the roadmap to succeeding in your sport and avoiding the pitfalls through his 40 years of sports playing and professional coaching experiences and founding the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League.

Joe shares compelling success stories and an athlete's roadmap that will illustrate what it takes to play sports at the High School, College and Professional level. Joe wrote this book from his forty years of sports experiences, playing and excelling in baseball, basketball, football, softball, tennis, and coaching and founding the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League in Arizona to help athletes and their parents understand what it takes to be successful in sports.


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