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Lead with Compassion and Your Best You

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Thank you to Adriaan Groenewald for having me as a guest on Global Leadership Platform!

I feel strongly that it is not only important to lead from a place of being your best you, but also to lead with compassion.

I chatted about "LAIL".

Lead with Compassion in all:


Interactions & Integrity.


I didn't have quite enough time to chat about the Five Intangibles, which I feel are at the core of being our best. They are Drive, Trust, Adaptability, Perseverance, and Leadership.

Drive: Believe in discovering the power of motivation, competition, growth, goals, will and purpose.

Trust: Believe in character, behavior, values, beliefs, choices, awareness, reliability and integrity all combining to allow others to place their truest in you and you in them.

Adaptability: Believe anything is possible, based on your ability to maneuver and your mindset being open, particulary to change and new ideas. This involves listening to suggestions and other people often, as well as trusting yourself and taking risks.

Perseverance: Believe in the incredible power of healing, adaptability, strength, growth, purpose and forgiveness.

Leadership: Believe that you are always following, leading and learning. Careful consideration to body language, character, perseverance, trust, drive, adaptability, wisdom, humor, connectedness, purpose and community. These are all present in leadership, as well as compassion.


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