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Life With the Zoom Lens On - Let's Focus on Joy

Welcome to my blog, Life with the Zoom Lens On. Thank you for being here with me. We're still percolating and letting our best self filter through and becoming our best ever you, of course, but let's take it another step. My goal with this newer blog is to help us make one thing, thought, idea, value, belief, etc…. the focus point.

What's your focus for today?

Let's focus on joy. Joy is all around us. Sometimes life can get so complicated, we must remember to seek joy. Often joy just is.

When the sunflowers shine brightly into the sky here in Maine, to me, it is pure joy. They are absolutely beautiful, yellow, bright, and pure joy to look at.

So each year, I get my camera and go to my favorite sunflower spot in Falmouth, Maine and look up at them. In this spot, there are all different ones and collectively they are the joy, happiness and are symbol of loyalty. They are often a sign of good fortune and friendship.

It brings me joy to head to this spot, with sunflowers, and take pictures. For that hour or so, I'm not thinking about anything but the beauty and strength of sunflowers.

Sunflowers are a sign of optimism - bright, energetic and blooming joy and confidence.

What brings you joy?


Again, today we ask: How are you? Are you pushing through? Are you living in fear or anxiety? Are you stressed? Are you happy? Sad? How are you?

In your journal, here are some concepts to write about or spark a conversation with another person.

Do you make time for what brings you joy?

Do you pause to think about optimism?

Do you let your best self filter through?

Community Invite:

I'd like to invite you to join us in our new private Facebook Group that has free weekly guidance from me and Kris Fuller. To join us, purchase a copy of our new journal. The instructions on how to join our group are in the first few pages.

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About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino is one of America's most trusted mindset, leadership and personal & corporate development consultants. As the Founder and CEO of Best Ever You and Compliance4, Elizabeth has helped thousands around the globe be their best and achieve world-class excellence. Elizabeth is the Chief Executive Officer of Compliance4 and creator of The Best Ever You Network. Elizabeth is the author of the best-selling, award-winning, personal development book PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House) and multiple children’s books as a contributor and author. Elizabeth and her husband, Peter R. Guarino and four sons live in Maine. Follow Elizabeth on Instagram here: @ElizabethHamiltonGuarino #BestEverYou


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