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Raana Zia - Your Hidden Light

Author and former CFO, Ranna Zia joined me for a conversation about her new book Your Hidden Light. Click to listen to the show: Raana Zia Your Hidden Light

Raana Zia is the author of the book Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life. She is a former CFO having spent 20+ years in corporate finance working for large Fortune 500 companies. Through her book she delivers a step by step process of how to use mindfulness and meditation to create a positive desired outcome, and why it works. She integrates ancient philosophy and wisdom into practical application in order to maximize impact and minimize stress.

The integration of these concepts into her own daily life has been life changing for Raana; and, as a result, she is dedicated to empowering others with the same knowledge and tools. In 2017, the book became a part of a business school course on Happiness at Suffolk University in Boston. Raana and her husband live in New Jersey with their two children and their snorkie.


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