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Radical Honesty

Fear is nothing more than a lack of connection - to your own Love. Resentment is nothing more than a lack of connection - to your own Gratitude. Scarcity and Emptiness is nothing more than a lack of connection - to your own gifts, talents, and abundance. They have nothing to do with anyone, or anything else. No one is to blame. Honestly. To enter a low vibration of Fear, a person must withhold Love from themselves or another. To enter a high vibration of Gratitude, they must love themselves or another. The Resentful, Angry, Fearful, and Blaming cannot imagine being loved. The Grateful cannot imagine being unjustly treated, and say "no one hurt's me". One mindset devalues, tears down, lowers confidence and self worth. One mindset supports, uplifts, adds confidence and self worth. In every moment we must decide to play the Victim, or be the Grateful. The Victim resents the gift, the opportunity, and sees an experience as a punishment. The Grateful cannot yet see, but knows, accepts, and trusts a blessing will reveal itself. One is Ego, a Story, and False. One is Authentic, Genuine, and True. Honestly. The choice to Depreciate, not Love and not honor ourselves - leads to drama, turmoil, anxiety, despair, a depleted body, a fueled ego, and Unhappiness. The choice to Appreciate, to Love and honor ourselves - leads to Peace, Joy, a balanced body, a small ego, and Happiness. It is Our Choice. Always. And In all Ways. Honestly. Honesty. Radical Honesty. Where the possibilities are infinite.

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