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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

“Real Talk with Romy on the BLOG”

How Much Do They Really Matter? Do They Impact How Successful I Am? #careercoach
Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Coach, Career Coach

Mindset How Much Does it Really Matter? Everyone is talking about Manifesting…. What am I supposed to be manifesting? How or does that work? Or mediatating? Do I have to, to be successful?

So let’s be real, how many of you are tired of hearing-- if you manifest it, it will happen. Or what is your mindset. You need to change your mindset to make it happen. And how about this one- in order to be successful, you need to wake up and mediatate every morning.

Now look, I am no millionaire so maybe I am not one to talk… but I truly believe we have to live authentically and if these “Magic M words” aren’t ressonating for you- you are not alone.

THAT SAID- there is some value to them so let’s see how we can break it down and find where the sweet spots are and what we can focus on.

Mindset. Manifesting. Meditating.

Mindset: How Much Does It Really Matter? Plus Manifesting, what’s that? And Meditating - what if I don’t? Can I still be successful?

1. Mindset… Let’s start with Mindset. For me I think this one has the most value and importance. Any of you have been following me or anyone who spends time with me knows I am a very postive person. I try hard to look at things from the “glass is half full perspective”. I truly believe that your mindset does have an impact over you life. Your outcomes. Your daily operations. That said, I do not believe it is the only factor. I think it is one of the factors.

Let’s look at this a little closer. To start, I think a helpful analogy is this inspirational quote:

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will” - Zig Zigler


So this is what I mean, if you start from the place of, everything is possible:

I can. I will. I must. I am. What do I need to do this? What is my first step? My first move? You are starting from a postive place. From your strengths. From your best self. This is where mindset has an impact. Can be a factor. In this situation a postive one.

AND the opposite is true too. Think - self-fullfilling prophecy. When you set out determined that everything is going to go wrong, what usually happens? When you start from a place of I can’t. I won’t. I shouldn’t. I’m not good enough. You are starting from a place of negativity and its like starting a race with a cramp and your shoe keeps coming untied.

NOW, that said, mindset alone isn’t going to get you to the finish line. Just like nobody wakes up an overnight success. Sorry not sorry. Just ain’t true. But I do believe it is a building block to success.

Another factor, related to mindset is your inner critic. That nasty nelly might be in your head right now telling you this blog is a bunch of bunk. Not sure how to turn off your inner critic. Not sure how to change your mindset. Feel like you try to so hard to have a positve mindset but all the cards are stacked against you and keep proving you wrong. Or right. Your inner critic strikes again!

This is one of the things I work on with my clients, how to quiet the inner critic and how to access your inner allies that allow you to show up as your best self. Allow you to operate from the perspective of The GLASS IS HALF FULL. Think the little train that could. Know full well that we are going to have a very well laid out strategic action plan and a lot of hard work is going to be needed. Again, sorry not sorry. #realtalk

Think about what is possible when you start with the mindset that anything is possible. From the mindset that you can achieve whatever it is you have set as your goal. Keeping in mind this is one piece of the action plan. Mindset is not THE action plan, just part of it.

2. Manifesting…. For starters … what even is manifesting. Seriously. Do you know? Its a buzz word these days …. I know who wants to admit they don’t know what it is. JUST IN CASE - I will define it for you. Because - ya’know -- #keepingitreal-- readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight / easily understood or recongnized by the mind, clear or obvious to the eye or mind. IE: Their sadness was manifest in their faces. Manifestation: is the public display of emotion or feeling or something theoretical made real. The word origins are in religion and spirituality but the usage has spread to all aspects of life.

→ SO crystal clear now - right?

Thought so. Honestly. It’s not all that different than mindset it is just deeper. Basically its reflecting or deciding intently that you are going achieve/master/do something and you believe it so deeply that it focuses and directs you to it happening, is how I interpret how people are using it. I hear people say- I manifested a successful launch and then my cart exploded. I manifested becoming rich and I won the lottery.

→ Here’s the thing, if you believe in this and its working for you, who I am to tell you otherwise as long as you are not hurting anyone else. No judgement zone friends.

→ Here’s the other thing- if you are someone who can not wrap your head around manifesting anything and you are beating yourself up because you can’t get on this bandwagon-- STOP RIGHT THERE.

→ Like anything there NOT JUST ONE way to do anything except ride an escalator and I know because I did it the wrong way once and it wasn’t pretty.

→ If manfesting works for you then go for it.

If it doesn’t then don’t worry about it . It is not a requirement for being successful.

If you are focused on trying to manifest your success yet know this isn’t your way, then I am gonig to hold the mirror up for you. You are chasing squirrels because this concept doesn’t work for you is. You are getting stuck trying to do this because its a “thing” BUT really it is a a procastination tactic and an excuse. TIME TO MOVE ON.

3. Mediatating… NOW here is a big one. And for anyone who does meditate, I hear its incredibly powerful. Did you catch that. I don’t mediate. Nope. I totally apprecaite the power in it But it is not my thing. THAT SAID, there is a bigger message to meditiating than the mediatation, or at least from my perspective and I think that is the KEY that I want to discuss and have be the takeaway.

I do believe that energy behind why people mediate and concept is important. I think that is the piece that impacts our success. Just like most things, its not about the specific tool you use, it’s about find the tool that works for you so that you achieve your desired success. Mediating is really about inner peace and about reflection and about your journey (learning and growing).

So while for me the act of mediation doesn’t get me to that space, that space is very important. BECAUSE FOR ME THIS ALL ABOUT SELF CARE. This might be achieved for some by taking a hot bath. Or through journaling. For others through acupunture. Or a massage. Many recommend a morning meditation so that you start your day off in a positive way. How else can you create a morning routine that works for you that allows this same response? One way is to prepare for your morning/day the night before so that your morning can be smoother.

So how do you take care of yourself? Do you take care of yourself?

Really this whole talk comes down to mindset and selfcare. And at the end of the day do we have the courage to put our goals and needs first and say I am important enough to take care of myself. I need THIS in order to achieve that. And here is how I am going to do it.

Your mindset has an impact on how successful you will be goals. Starting from a place of:

I will | I can -- rather than negative thinking → will take you further, its empowering thinking. Honor your boundaries and your time. Focus on your strengths and values and believe that you can and will do this.

Ultimately, I do believe you have to make the choice to say I want to be held accountable. I want to accomplish my goals. I want to take the NextSteps of intention to the NextLevel. Taking these courageous steps of intention that will lead you to great things. Are is with me? I am here to SUPPORT. YOU. EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.

Which brings us back to setting the Steps of Intention and Making those steps count. What would be possible for you if you said starting today I am going to have my desired career success!

Have questions? Need support? Comment here on the blog. Or directly reach out to me at Want to take the conversation a step further. You want to get clarity, I am here to help you… .

I am Romy Weiss, a Career Transitions & Certified Professional Coach. I am a mompreneur, I have three kids, a dog and a husband. We live in Maine. And fun facts- each of my children were born in a different state. I love coffee, chocolate and red wine. My superpowers include creative problem-solving; being able to organize and thrive in chaos and effective communication. Oh, and I'm obsessed with elephants. I believe they are good luck. My grandmother instilled my love for them and they bring balance to the world.📷

As your NextSteps Coach, I enable, guide and empower adults who are overloaded and overwhelmed and at a career crossroads to change, reinvent, return to or advance their careers so they can find work/life balance and achieve their desired success. I teach tools and provide resources. I truly believe you should love what you do and do what you love. And yes you can do this at any age, as I reinvented my career in my 40s and you can too! I will partner with you to show you - you have transferable skills that are hireable and marketable and will bring value to another company, industry or career. I hold you accountable for your dreams and your goals and help you take the actionable steps to get there. I believe is dreaming big and having it all. But then making realistic action plans to get there. It’s not how many steps it takes to get there, its about making sure you are always taking forward action.

I work with clients 1:1 and in hybrid coaching programs. All in live (virtual) settings so geography is never a barrier. My clients are getting noticed, being offered interviews, landing their dream careers and advancing them too. And they are confidently, comfortably and effectively communicating their story. I get you. I see you. I believe in you. Curious to learn more, let’s talk and strategize:


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